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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. I did think the 1985 story of was a bit...not the 85 I recall. Loose Ends? If we were doing UK black r'n'b to break through, 5 Star and Jaki Graham were bigger (even though I do love 'Hanging on a string'), Billy Bragg on for ages but the only mention of Madonna was that she had a hit from a film, when her 85 was insane with 8 top ten hits.
  2. I suppose it depends on how you experienced the year at the time, I found that a bit with 1984, a lot of time spent on certain genres and acts (Hi-NRG, politico-pop) and the HoJos, Thompson Twins etc virtually ignored. The BBC probably went with whoever they could most easily get to interview; Loose Ends were the ones to break America, but at home you're right...5 Star and Jaki Graham were more popular.
  3. They made Loose Ends sound like they'd been the Soul II Soul of 85!
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  4. Pye


    If I remember correctly weren't Loose ends bigger in the late 80's early 90's?
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  5. Loose Ends were great - their cover of David Bowie's "Golden Years" from 1985 is excellent.
    They did have a mini-comeback in 1990 with "Don't be a fool" peaking at Number 13

    and "Hangin' on a string" is rude - she says the "M" word near the fade out!
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  6. Their biggest hit was #13 for Hangin on a String in 1985, the follow up Magic Touch also did quite well. The album So Where Are You was a top 20 success but not really a big seller. Their 1986 album did worse (barely making the Top 30), and the 1988 set flopped completely (#52, I think). It was only with 1990's Don't Be A Fool single (after the female singer had left) that they had another #13 UK hit, but nothing else from that comeback album did a thing.
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  7. I forgot about 'Magic touch'! Yes, that was a great single.
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  8. Pye


    I remember the second phase more than their mid 80's era. I guess it's because I moved away from my home town and started knowing people who were into R&B. Musically it's not my bag so It past me by.
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  9. You're like me, you like to move with the times - with my all new Mel & Kim avatar for 2018!
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  10. I like to Get Fresh for the weekend...
  11. Pye


    I think this sums it up really. I think the age you were and what things you were doing at the time effects how a era is remembered.
    I was mixing with university students in 85 who loved Billy Bragg, The Pogues, The The and Talk Talk! I was into alternative pop and the gay club sounds of the time! Dead Or Alive and Divine were my favourites in the mid 80's along with Gothy bands.
    For me Bronski Beat and Marc Almonds 'I Feel Love' was a big club track in 85. I think it was also a top seller that year too.
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  12. I was 15 at the start of 1985 and it was probably my last year of being solely into chart music. I was beginning to discover Indie and dance music as well...
  13. My 1985 would have been Prince, OMD, Tears For Fears, Scritti Politti....and getting into club sounds even more via the Streetsounds compilations and the RM dance chart. Although it ended with realising that Brothers In Arms was quite good, and a-ha changed a lot for me.
  14. My 85 was Madonna, Madonna, Madonna and, er, Madonna.

    With a side of 5 star and bits of r'n'b pop like Pointer Sisters, Princess, Jaki Graham and Mai Tai.
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  15. Mai Tai - there's a blast from the past - I suppose they're "History" now!
  16. 1985's "Angel" is one of many great "pure pop" Madonna singles which is often overlooked
  17. It's amazing how quickly my tastes developed in 1985....I started the year stanning for HoJo after the first album, and eagerly awaiting stuff by Paul Young and then the debut Go West LP....and ended it buying Brothers In Arms, Hounds Of Love, Rock A Little and a host of more American-oriented stuff.
  18. 1985 was the year I bought a CD player. I think for a good while I bought albums that sounded ‘good’ on the format, rather than ones I actually wanted! So, I had Brothers In Arms, Boys & Girls, Hounds Of Love, Diamond Life, The Secret Of Association and Songs From The Big Chair to name but a few. I did like most of them, but they weren’t my usual fare at the time.

    I love to go back to 1985 and buy all the great sounding discs that are rare today. Plus, I’d certainly not get rid of things like the Target disc of Madonna, The Dream Of The Blue Turtles and the fatboy double CD of the Carpenters’ Yesterday Once More!
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  19. There really were some fantastic sounding albums made in 1985, I can't think of many from 1984 where you'd say that sonically they were benchmark releases (Into The Gap has its charms, but in general it was high quality music given so-so reproduction).

    Singles-wise, I always find myself going back to the very start of the year, and all those atmospheric hits we had in Jan, Feb and March.....Boys of Summer, Run To You, Yah Mo Be There (Remix), Love Like Blood, That Was Yesterday, The Unforgettable Fire.
  20. It had Mike Smith in it for a nano second, mistake?!
    Loose Ends were the Soul II Soul of 1985, they got a lot of coverage, Five Star didnt get that till 1986. That album is still great.
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