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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Enjoyed The Story of 1998, but did Kate Thornton get a mention when they covered the presenters!??

    One thing I've noticed, and it was the same with the repeat of the 1998 Christmas Special, is the picture quality of episodes from this time doesn't seem as sharp as earlier years which had kept well.

    I'm not sure if it was the BBC's equipment at Elstree starting to get a bit old in the tooth - the shots of the gallery looked a bit dated for the time.
  2. 1998, was when I began to start watching Top Of The Pops and becoming more aware of the "real world" so to speak. So nice to have it reach "my era" in that respect. Wonder if BBC4 will get as far as the late 90s though...
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  3. Don't see why not. The repeats are still doing well in the ratings.
  4. On the current series of Story of/Big Hits they have unfortunately added a "filmic look" to the picture, which has made it look a bit blurry. I kind of know what you mean about the Christmas 98 show.. they probably were using old equipment, considering they didn't even go widescreen until 2001 which was quite late.

    Also dunno if you ever watch TOTP clips on YouTube - they are often upscaled with AI software, so that may spoil your viewing of the repeats which are obviously just broadcast as they were.
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  5. I hope so, of course also depends if ever still have BBC4 in a few years time-but, that's another story!
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  6. I think now its remit has been revised it's pretty safe for the forseeable. And the TOTP repeats themselves are cheap as chips.
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  7. If not, then there's always BBC2 on a Saturday night too!
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  8. The licence fee has been frozen though, with a view to abolishing it entirely if this government gets its way. It’s going ahead with the privatisation of Channel 4.
  9. Yes, think BBC as we know it, will look very different come the end of the decade.
  10. Well the licence fee I think is safe until 2027, and they should be able to get through the 90s by then anyway. But yeah BBC2 or iPlayer are options too. I'm sure the repeats will continue one way or another.
  11. That Gloria Estefan megamix

  12. Yes, quite boptastic this!
  13. I've always loved it in all it's Miami Sound Machine goes 2 Unlimited glory but never knew Gloria did a TOTP performance for it. Nice to see she was getting her life to it too!
  14. The best thing Gloria ever did in my view!
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  15. Can you ever imagine Madge doing an 80s megamix and coming on Totps to perform it with gusto?!
  16. This says hi:

  17. One word. No. Shame too.
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  18. I think it had much more variety then some of the other more recent ones, nice spread of acts from different genres and they didn't spend too long on any one single act (like they did with Finlay Quaye)
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  19. Exactly, felt much more balanced out. And all the more the better for it in my view.
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  20. I feel like they spent a lot of time on All Saints. I don't mind that as I like All Saints, but it seemed to be on them for ages.
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