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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. For anyone wondering where Mark Franklin was last week, he was appearing in panto as Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk in Swindon!

  2. Oh, God love him.
  3. Could be a week, may take two - she'll be coming back.

    (it took me about 20 years to realise that was what she was saying btw).
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  4. Ah! I did wonder! Good to know.
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  5. No TOTP on Friday 24 June due to Glastonbury coverage.
  6. I switched on tonight to catch some classics: Snap, Sybil & West End, Lulu. And hunky Jon Marsh from the Beloved. It was like I was watching NOW 24 as a live studio show.
  7. And don’t forget Michelle Visage!
    Jon Marsh really was beautiful.
  8. Oh yes - I sang along with Michelle on her iconic opening verse rap line of "here it is another day - so dark and gloomy".
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  9. Trying to buy a copy of the Lovely Day CDS because a) it’s a C&C/Visage track I don’t have and b) I’m intrigued by Mark Franklin’s bigging up the house mix.
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  10. It's amazing.
  11. Such an epic track/rendition this.
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  12. Brilliant couple of shows this week - loved Snap/Niki Harris, Sister Sledge, West End/Sybil, Lulu and The Beloved. Didn't blonde Michelle Visage have a look of Madonna? Oh and Dina Carroll's best song by a mile Don't Be A Stranger.

    Bit disappointed not to get a studio appearance for this bop

    Overall, as I remembered, 1993 is already miles better than 1992.
  13. It was nice to see an early performance of that Dina track. It was an album performance as the single came out in much later 93. And had a different mix to the album version which is what I think she was doing on TOTP.

    I spotted D:Ream in the Top 40 countdown too. I think UR The Best Thing took a few attempts to become a hit. Peter Cunnah was a hit for me though in his tartan suits!
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  14. I never had Dina's album so only know the single mix of Don't Be A Stranger which is epic. That came out towards the end of the year didn't it? Still nice to see an early performance of it.

    Hoping we get a studio performance from Kym Mazelle's Love Me The Right Way, a brilliant slice of diva Eurodance.
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  15. I wonder whether Dina's people were either deliberately saving Stranger back till Q4, or if at the time they didn't realise what a hit it was going to be.

    Also interesting that they switched from Falling being the next single to This Time
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  16. Anyone else spot Mark Franklin down the front getting his life to Sister Sledge? So cute!
  17. Dame Catherine of Dennis was about to release a single called Falling, but I doubt that would be enough to completely alter the campaign if copies were already pressed up.
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  18. Lulu's Independence really should have been a bigger hit. A peak of number 11 is okay but it was gone with the blink of an eye.
  19. The single version of Don't Be A Stranger had a longer orchestral intro, and just generally feels more orchestral throughout, and then on the chorus it was switched around - on the single mix she goes low on the first 'tonight' in "if only for tonight", and then high on the second, whereas album version was high first then low, if that makes any sense! I remember thinking how amazing it was that she had two top 10s at the same time when The Perfect Year was out. Nowadays it happens all the time for people, but back then it was rare and possibly the first time in my chart-aware life at that point (I was 14) that it'd happened.

    I love a bit of Love Me The Right Way too! 93/94 was great for DJ feat. Diva type minor hits!
  20. 1993, has gotten off to an overall great start! Really enjoyed the last 3 episodes following the dodgy first start to the year.
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