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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Lulu's Independence is one my favourite songs of the 90s. The Brothers In Rhythm production with that key change is everything.

    Her single from the year after should have been a big hit too

    Love the video with the two Kims (Appleby and Wilde)!
  2. Sound the BOP claxton right here! Also, that video thumbnail, is everything too!
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  3. I think Whitney's I Will Always Love You and I'm Every Woman were in the top 10 at the same time, which will be coming up shortly.
  4. I dunno why but I'd misremembered this as being after Relight My Fire, but it was a few months before it. Deserved better, definitely.
  5. I loathed Take That and East 17 at the time, but in retrospect and without all the stupid teeny hype you'd get in the magazines and Saturday morning shows (and at school!) they did have some genuinely decent songs and good performances, including Deep. The "swimming pool" set was great! I was more into the likes of Gabrielle and M People at the time but as I get older and more nostalgic I find myself enjoying some of the better boy band songs, yet on the other hand some of the more adult contemporary Chris Rea types too who I'd never have listened to at the time.
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  6. I loved East 17 back then but had no time for Take That.
    East 17 had that 'edge' for me.
  7. E17 and Take That both released the singles which changed my mind about them in early 1993.

    Slow It Down and Why Can't I Wake Up With You.
  8. I had Deep on my weekly playlist a few weeks back and was chuckling at the cringe “sexy” lyrics. The melody, vocals and production are fine but those lyrics are just so bad - including “so rest upon my chest”.
  9. Lulu should've had better PR.

  10. At the time I much preferred East 17 to Take That - they did have more of an "edge" and Gary Barlow always put me off. East 17 were my first concert, supported by the vastly underrated and underappreciated 2wo Third3. What a night that was! House of Love, Gold and It's Alright all went off (as the young people say).

    With the passing of time and as nostalgia kicks in I am appreciating Take That a lot more on these repeats, they did have a lot of good songs. Pray sounds like a masterpiece these days. I'm looking forward to all their 1993 singles.
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  11. They learnt everything they knew from Erotica....
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  12. The later is perhaps Take That's most underrate song. And my second personal favourite, following their certain first huge UK #1 that was to come in Summer 1993...
  13. Don't forget this bop:

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  14. Lulu was one of those where I was forced to look up her age and was somewhat distressed to realise she was younger at the time of that appearance than I am now. It's so weird how we perceive the ages of certain famous people relative to ourselves.
  15. My one was finding out that Robson & Jerome were only in their early 30s when they released Unchained Melody!
  16. Ha, this is happening to me a LOT. I was reading about the Eagles yesterday, an article about Don Henley's 1989 album actually, and they talk about him reaching 40 years of age, as though he was getting on a bit.
  17. I liked Take That and East 17 from the jump despite thinking they all looked terrible (bar Jason) mainly because they were one of the few pop acts doing pop then. Boppers can’t be choosers
  18. The leap in quality from the first to second Take That album is huge. The first album is almost like a bunch of chancers having a couple of decent tracks and a ton of filler. The second has proper classic songs.
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  19. Everything Changes so fast.
  20. I do like the house aspect of Take That's first album.
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