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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. I wondered....maybe it's different to feature him in a documentary than the actual straight re-runs of individual episodes.
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  2. 1985 was the best year ever for pop.
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  3. Both albums from 1985 "So where are you" and "The Luxury of Life" are worth checking out!
    "The Luxury of Life" had 7 of it's 10 tracks released as singles - and it was the seventh one that finally cracked the top ten for Five Star - MJ eat your heart out!

    The story of 1986 should feature both The Pet Shop Boys and Five Star - to do true "pop justice" to the year!
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  4. For me the whole period from 1979 to 1986 is great for the UK charts - so much variety in there!
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  5. Duel - Propaganda and Kiss Me - Steven 'TinTin' Duffy are 2 of the most under-rated pop records of the
    entire 80's.
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  6. Pye


    'Kiss Me' is such a feel good song I used to have the original version on 12" vinyl sums up 84/85 for me along with Vicious Pink. I was starting to discover most of my new favourites at this point through clubbing rather than radio and TV.
    This was one of my favourites in the UK in 85...I think it was hit in the rest of Europe in 84
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    One of Simple Minds best singles and a reminder as to why the summer of 85 was so amazing. Had the track been one of their later singles it probably would have been a #1 in the UK. I still think of it as a top 5 tune even though it wasn't.

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  8. You're not wrong. I always think that if I had a time machine I could only use once, instead of killing Hitler or something mundane like that, I'd go out clubbing in the summer of 1985.
  9. Great to have this back after what feels like an eternity but it's odd to have it feel like it's a hangover from Xmas 84. I suppose give it a few episodes to really get into the sounds of 85.

    And what the hell was that Policeman "song"?!
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  10. It's on tonight? Oh dear, good start. Hope the repeat's on later.
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  11. It's repeated at 12.30am, and is 5 minutes longer.

    You really didn't miss much though! Not a vintage start to the year.
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  12. Thanks, I checked the BBC4 schedule this morning for the 9pm slot (as I do every Friday), saw it was loads of Bowie repeats and forgot to look either side of it on the EPG!

    This was the 3/1/1985 chart, so actually has the sales for Dec 21-27, so still very much reflects Xmas 1984 territory for the most part.
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  13. I loved tonight's show! I'd forgotten that performance of 'Everything She Wants' and it was a treat to see the Toy Dolls again...I wish it could be 1985 for ever...
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  14. I liked Foreigner, Tears For Fears and Madonna if that helps!
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  15. The Top 10 countdown thing fell a bit flat, didn't it? It seemed to take up half the show, leaving little time for anything else. I suppose this was the start of endless tinkering with the format...
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  16. Just be glad it wasn't the Euro Chart!
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  17. There were a lot of great singles in the Top 10/Top 20 (Wham, Foreigner, TFF, Paul Young, Thompson Twins), but things could only get better....
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  18. I hope we get the late great Denise La Salle's My Toot Toot!

    Iconic performance - she was like a tantalising cross between Tina Turner and Rustie Lee.
  19. Ha, that song used to really get on my toot toot.
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  20. She only appeared once on TOTP to perform My Toot Toot (11th July 1985 edition) and we will get to see that edition on BBC Four.
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