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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. The FGTH remix that was on Now 26 didn’t sound any different to the original. Did they just put the original version on there?
  2. I think they did. There's a Hits 93 Vol.2 which has what sounds like a subtle remix on it. Was playing that only the other day.
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  3. Don't get me started on this kind of thing.

    Can I tell the difference between the Westside '88 mix of Bryan Ferry's Let's Stick Together and the original? Can I bollocks.

    Can I tell the difference between "In the Air Tonight '88" and the original? Not a clue.

    Same with "Unchain My Heart (90s Version)" and countless others.

    iTunes Match seems to be able to tell the difference between most of them though.
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  4. Relax (the not that different but slightly shitter remix).
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  5. I love that performance! But I watched it about 50 times before finally getting the CD single. The singer is much better in the 2nd performance that we got last night. I think her name was Anna Ross?
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  6. I suppose we have Bjorn and Benny's control over the ABBA masters to thank for not having to endure a "Finally" sound-alike remix of "Dancing Queen" in the summer of 1993.
  7. I'm watching last night's eps. Dr Alban just came on and I said "this was a choon and should have been bigger" then Dr Alban started performing and it was terrible and I figured maybe that performance killed it in the UK!
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  8. In contrast to Dr Alban, Melanie Williams gave a fantastic performance with Sub Sub. Ain't No Love, Ain't No Use is a total bop. Did Sub Sub ever do anything else? They are from near where I grew up and remember knowing which pub they drank in!
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  9. OMG Peter Cunnah of D:Ream is dreamy in that original video for U R The Best Thing. My teenage crush has come back. I always loved that I could see a sneaky bit of chest hair on him, when all the Smash Hits pin ups like Take That had smooth chests.
  10. Janet Jackson. What an icon. That's The Way Love Goes, still sounds fresh now in my view.
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  11. Song of the week for me was Gimme Shelter by Jimmy Somerville and Voice of the Beehive, never heard it before but what a banger! I know it was for charity so sadly unavailable on streaming. Loved his T shirt "Shabba Ranks is a bigot" - go Jimmy!
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  12. She looked amazing, she sounded great (I've not heard her live much but usually find her a bit quiet but on this she was live and audible!) and the song is, as you say, still fresh. The whole janet. album is just brilliant. It really did the 60s/70s soul sampling thing brilliantly. I much prefer it to the industrial sound of Rhythm Nation.
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  13. Weirdly, I had just been thinking how we'd probably never see Voice of the Beehive again on these repeats and then they popped up with Jimmy!
  14. The trouble with a live Dr Alban performance is Dr Alban. He "performed" like he was sedated and just coming out of a coma.
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  15. I do find it extremely hard to chose between that epic run of albums between Control and All For You, but if really did have to pick, than Janet would probably be my favourite.
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  16. I have never heard of this song before, but yes, a bop indeed! Shocked it was Jimmy Sommerville at first, didn't sound or really look like him at all-or sound like him either. Superb live vocal though.
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  17. Dream Street is my favourite Janet Jackson song - I only discovered this year this video was actually made for Fame so look out for Doris, Lydia and Leroy in the video!

    I genuinely think this is a brilliant pop song.

    I'll see myself out.
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  18. To be fair, it's wrong not to love this. Pure 80s joy!
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  19. You must know that Sub Sub minus Melanie Williams became Doves
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