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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Tears for Fears were brilliant with "Shout" on TOTP's the other night and Wham! were great too.
    I always forget just how good a songwriter George Michael was - "Everything she wants" is just CLASSIC POP - the quality of his songwriting as a 21 year old was amazing - one of my all time favourite Double A sides with the wonderful "Last Christmas" on the flip side! Such talent!
  2. George was never a prolific writer, but when he was on form he was fantastic.
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  3. We're not getting Strawberry Switchblade?

    This is the first of many times the Mike Smith situation is going to really bug me, culminating in my teen queen Tiffany being denied us in her iconic baggy jumper!
  4. @little ern - Thank you for TOTP's episode for w/e 13th Jan 1985 - hosts are Mike Smith and Mike Read - who is still an annoying Prat!

    The Thompson Twins' "Lay your hands on me" was shown - it was at Number 13 and should have been heading for the Top 10 (right @Eric Generic ?) but it went tumbling down the next week!

    Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson were great on "I know him so well" - a song I hated at the time but now I absolutely adore it!
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  5. It should have been safely in the Top 10 within a couple of weeks of release, as per the Into The Gap hits, but alas their imperial phase was over...I just didn't realise at the time. I was in denial for years...I mean, I still expected Get That Love to be a smash in 1987!

  6. Ha ha a 'me listening to the top 40 countdown and 5 Star's 'There's a brand new world' still hasn't been a new entry by number 11. 'Ooh maybe it's gone straight into the top ten' 'tea.
  7. There's A Brand New World is sorely underrated with it's John Parr realness. It's Top 3 Five Star for me!
  8. Same as me with Nik Kershaw Nobody Knows and Duran's Serious!
  9. Ah the innocent days when we didn't have midweeks to shatter the illusion!
  10. Do my eyes deceive me or is that Haywoode? Wearing the same red rubber dress from the Roses video?
  11. It certainly looked like her! I have no recollection of tonight's episode...I must have been busy that night in 1985.
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  12. I love Russ Abbot's Atmosphere and refuse to apologise for it.

    Great episode tonight.
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  13. How about Amii Stewart's interesting choreography?
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  14. Enjoyed that too! Never heard Friends before but it was lovely.

    I may be alone in loving the new Top 10 video countdown.
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  15. Yeah I do prefer the Top 10 countdown presented like that....not sure how long it lasted, as by 1987 they were back to talking over captions again.

    Friends is a beautiful track, somewhere between wine-bar pop and Quiet Storm soul.
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  16. It definitely feels more mid 80s to be doing a video countdown.

    I Want To Know What Love Is is a monster of a song!
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  17. How frustrating though when their only UK hits seemed to be the ballads. Urgent, That Was Yesterday, Say You Will....all got nowhere here.
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