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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. At this stage D:ream were still a duo so pretty sure that the keyboard player was the other member Al Mckenzie if I recall his name correctly? I think Brian took over when he left for the reissues in 1994.
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  2. yez


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  3. 'Back In My Life' is awesome – but especially so in this David Morales remix, which turns it into a soulful house gem:

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  4. Think that's Brian, and that he left before Al did

  5. Yep that's him! I met him in actual Benidorm and he told me he'd been a dancer in the 90s!
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  6. He was a dancer on the Spiceworld tour in 1998 too
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  7. Top of the Pops: Secrets and Scandals is rescheduled for Saturday 20th August at 8.30pm - well, until Channel 5 no doubt pull it at the last minute again!
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  8. Let's hope for once they stick to the schedules then!
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  9. It was Brian, with the long hair in the sleeveless tartan suit. He was fresh out of the hard rock band Dare so the long hair was a hangover from those days - I have a Dare picture disc and he's in the lineup with slightly pouffy 80s hair (even though I think it's from 1991).
  10. Did Ace Of Base deliberately try to have an ABBA formation i.e. blonde and brunette singers, two guys in background?

    I also heard that the screaming audience was back...
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  11. I always thought that. And the prominent use of A and B in their name (they weren’t alone, there was Alphabeat from Denmark as well). The blonde one from Ace of Base even became quite wary of fame, not dissimilar to ABBA’s Agnetha, to the point that on the cover of their 1998 album, Cruel Summer, she’s stood right at the back in soft focus.
  12. The audience teenyboppers were very excitable for OMD!
  13. Great to see Killer from the Five Live EP get played. I prefer this version to the solo Seal version, though not the Adamski version of course. Shame Mark Franklin got his facts wrong, saying that Killer was number one in 1989 and was simply "by Seal".
  14. Perhaps they were driven wild by Andy's Geography teacher dancing in the same way people were wild over Elvis' pelvis thrusting on the Ed Sullivan show in the 50s.
  15. It's now scheduled to be shown at 9pm.
  16. Which reminds me of an article in Smash Hits circa 1992 about best and worst dancers in pop. Andy McCluskey was listed as one of the worst with the line "Andy McCrapdancer more like".
  17. This was a highlight for me, wasn't even aware there was a music video for it. An interesting one too and very 90s. Mark Franklin seemed to get his facts all muddled up alot too, calling I Don't Wanna Fight, I Don't Wanna Go Fighting! Tina's best single too for me that gotta say.
  18. I wasn’t expecting Saint Etienne so that was a delight for me - love that song!
  19. Who Do You Think You Are is such a great pop song, so bright and breezy.

    Saint Etienne, Tina Turner and Ace of Base were the highlights for me last night.
  20. Ace Of Base with probably the best #1 of 1993 for me there too.
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