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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Boo Hiss!!

    I've gone and checked what my personal Top 40 was like at the time of this episode, to see how I was moving away from Radio 1 and the UK charts.....(pointless analysis incoming):

    Of the songs on tonight's BBC4 TOTP:

    Surrender was my highest debut at #10 (and would soon be #1)
    Ballerina Girl was new at #35 (almost entirely due to its B-side, Deep River Woman)
    Big Fun was struggling at #33 (it's a nice easy groove but I never thought it had much of a tune)
    Hymn To Her was up to #5 (this wasn't an obvious single from the excellent Get Close album, but it grew on me)
    Real Wild Child enters at #40 (and became an all-time fave, though not as much as follow-up Shades)
    C'est La Vie debuts at #36 (I'd really grow to love this, and buy the 12" single, on its way to being a future #1)
    Boy In The Bubble is on the way down from a peak of #2 (this was the track that made me buy Graceland)
    Reet Petite is nowhere, because I had no time for "old shit" back then (irony alert).
    Land Of Confusion is also falling, from a high of #11 (I'd had the album since the day of release, and it was overly familiar by now)

    Meanwhile, singles on my Top 40 which were nowhere to be seen on TOTP include:

    #1 - Big In America by The Stranglers (its 3rd week)
    #4 - Radio Musicola by Nik Kershaw (3 weeks at #1)
    #12- I Wasn't Born Yesterday by Daryl Hall
    #11- Hip To Be Square by Huey Lewis
    #16 - Slow Rivers by Elton & Cliff Richard
    #17 - Hello Friend by Chris Rea
    #18 - Control by Janet Jackson (another top 5 smash)
    #21 - Infected by The The (a former #2)
    #22 - You Know I Love You, Don't You by HoJo (peaked at #2)
    #23 - Next Time I Fall by Peter Cetera & Amy Grant
    #26 - When The Wind Blows by David Bowie (a high of #9)
    #29 - Some People by Paul Young (a #3 hit)

    ..and Jack Your Body arrives at #31, on the back of its inclusion on summer 1986's Upfront compilation.
  2. Acid house is a whole 12 months away.
  3. "Jack Your Body" featuring behind all of Ooh Gary Davies On Your Radio's links but not appearing in full last night was some proper prick teasing.
  4. They probably hadn't made the video for Jack Your Body yet.
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  5. I didn't realise how 'housey' The Style Council 'It Didn't Matter' is, a drum machine and synths but still they mime with drums and an organ. Worse would come with the 'Promised Land' cover.
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  6. I see 'It didn't matter' as more of an SOS band type of thing.
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  7. Apparently the song was mixed by The Valentine Brothers of 'Money's Too Tight (To Mention)' fame.
  8. The Style Council were very underrated at the time - some of their later stuff is amazing - later in the year we get "Wanted" or "There's some soup in my flies"!
    For an early example of "housey" - check out the outro of Soft Cell's "Where the heart is" - under the main organ melody there is an underlying housey piano riff - way back in late 1982!
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  9. I remember when Black Box Ride On Time was climbing at #13 or something and had no video and they played old footage of americans dancing.
  10. I also think Madonna's Holiday has a piano housey sound to it.
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  11. Heaven 17's "Penthouse And Pavement" did something similar in 1981. Hearing it now, it sounds like a massive shout out to Chicago, several years early.
  12. Really? That sounds funny to see already!
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  13. I loved It Didn't Matter, I (mistakenly) thought it would be their biggest hit since the heady days of 1983.
  14. I wish I could find a clip but nothing on tinternet! The only things I can compare it to are the old stock footage of dancers in the official videos for Chaka Khan Ain't Nobody and Club Nouveau Lean On Me…. and of course the video for Jack Your Body.

    I hope I'm not misremembering.
  15. The Chart Show used a clip from the ITV kid's Saturday morning TV show 'Ghost Train' I remember it as it was filmed 20 miles from where I lived in Norfolk.

  16. Yes I loved that clip it became the default video as the official video didn't seem to be available until well after the song had peaked. In fact I think I only got to see clips of it when they released Total Mix in late 1990 (and I thought they were specifically shot for the megamix).
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  17. Just catching up on the last couple of eps.

    Highs - Elkie Brooks, Pretenders, Robbie Nevil (I don't recall the video at all) and Gap Band.
    Lows - The Quo, Lionel, "waiting for love to take wevenge" (Surrender is a great song, but Corinne's rhotacism is very noticeable on this song), Paul Simon's song seemed to go on a bit.
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  18. Heaven 17 were really ahead of their time - check out the album version of "Crushed by the wheels of industry" from 1983 and even the intro to The Beat's "I Confess" from 1982 has a great housey-piano riff!
  19. I try not to notice it.
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