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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Ferry Aid was a who's who of 1987. Well done Taffy for getting on there.
  2. .....and Paul King
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  3. He was about to launch his solo career.

    That went well.
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  4. I love Ferry Aid! So unfairly (personally speaking of course), booted out way too soon in the SAW rate.
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  5. And yet the glorious Voyage Voyage you gave a zero?!!!!!
  6. I assume the total clusterfuck that was the end of the 19/3 episode was Smith related? No closing link from the presenters, and then something weird done to the Sign O The Times video....
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  7. Sorry! Grey moment!
  8. He wanted his "MTV" slot...
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  9. To quote Madonna in the Human Nature video:
    "Absolutely, NO regrets".
  10. I love all the shots of Nick Kamen, and the fact that Dame Mandy Smith snuck onto a #1 record.
  11. Pop justice at its best.
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  12. Wiki lists who was there so I checked to see if it was her as I thought I spotted her too. Also there, page 3 girls Maria Whittaker, Jenny Blythe and Linda Lusardi, plus Anne Diamond and Ruth Maddoc! I told you, a who's who of 1987!
  13. Was Su Pollard busy that day?
  14. Nick Cotton from EastEnders! This just gets better and better.
  15. It is a crying shame that Bonnie Tyler didn't get a line to herself!
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  16. Who needs her when you've got Taffy on tap!
  17. I think it's a question of who in 1987 WASN'T part of Ferry Aid.

    Even Band Aid couldn't attract stars such as Su Pollard and Joey Boswell from Bread.
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