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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. The recent Mike Smith'ed episodes contained great performances from:

    Janet Jackson
    Terence Trent D'Arby (twice)
    The Rainmakers
    The Blow Monkeys (loved Dr Robert's scarf for 32 years now!)
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  2. To be honest, I'm not enjoying these repeats as much as I expected.

    Main reason, of course, is the Smith factor. Not so much because it means skipped weeks, but because those skipped weeks combine with the TOTP rule of no acts appearing on consecutive weeks, so we are getting far too much repeat action and line-ups that are too similar.

    Add in the 2 eps a week, and it's feeling like some songs and acts are on all the time. And the studio performances of those acts are barely different on each occasion. It's just not very interesting (although any chance to admire Mel & Kim's stylish outfits isn't all bad).

    Plus, and it's something I never used to pick up on too much, the links by the DJs always bang on about pretty dull trivia to do with "flying in from LA" or "about to start a 10-date tour of the UK", or something completely unrelated to why the record they're performing might be on the charts.

  3. I'm not overly enjoying the repeats as much either, for mainly the reasons @Eric Generic has said too. Two episodes a week is fine, but the skipping makes it feel we are getting the same show both nights. And the early 87 trend of 60's songs coming back to dominate the charts, put me off too!
  4. The show is going too fast we are in April already.
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  5. I hope the repeats start to pick up soon!
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  6. I'm still waiting to hear a coherent argument from the BBC as to why the performances that we've lost because of Smith-gate couldn't be put together into a short series of compilations. It can't cost the BBC that much to do that, Smith wouldn't need to be seen and it'd mean that we'd have the most complete musical overview possible of the year. The TOTP repeats must perform well enough for BBC Four to have continued with them, so surely it'd be worth it?

    Roll on 1988, when Smith bows out, and let's keep everything crossed that there are no more presenters either brought into disrepute or demanding their work remain unscreened …
  7. @Servalan
    They could have done the same with the Saville and DLT episodes - in fact it's a great idea:

    One episode (an hour long) for each year for each of the "unshowable " presenters!
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  8. Exactly, we're just here for the music after all! Come on Auntie Beeb!
  9. Must say that the video for La Isla Bonita, was always good to see. Her most played 80s single for me.
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  10. Last night I dreamt of some petrol.
  11. OK, so I've caught up on a couple of episodes:
    It's REALLY getting to the point where I remember 75%+ of the Top 40, whereas 86 could be a lot more vague.

    Pepsi and Shirlie in their iconic puffball skirts! Great track. Anthemic, sass and attitude - one to dance around the handbags to!

    Five Star – more superlative choregraphy. Visions in white! BOLD!
    Is the lyric “until I found out you were painting Renoir”? is that right?! ;)

    Denice/Denise Pearson really was in another league to most other Black British female singers. She had a different level of star quality.

    ADORE Coming Around Again but I've been a sucker for MOR music for as long as I can remember. The song is very much the story of white middle class suburbia isn’t it? However I can't look as Ms Simon, without thinking of the Victoria Wood line "she can get a whole Wagon Wheel in her mouth without breaking it in two"

    Next episode: forgotten what a cool piece of pop “Sonic Boom Boy” was – one hit wonder?
    Down To Earth a THIRD time (if you count the Smith'd episode) - didn't Smash Hits christen him 'Ben Van Der Graaf Generator'?!
    They could have brought someone in to mime the Saxophone break! That absence stuck out like a sore thumb for me.

    I vaguely remember the cover of "Male Stripper" - I don't remember the track. It is abysmal? Was it a (gay) club hit? How did it ever get mainstream?!
    I wonder whether the whole presentation of it, even though the imagery was uber-gay tapped into that whole "strippergram" thing that was new and novel in Britain at the time? The ladies are certainly going wild!

    The Jets - Crush On You. SUCH a big song - everyone at school thought they were the business - SO cool to the pre-teens!
    Weren't they all brothers and sisters? I remember Look In issuing a flexi-disc of either this or the follow up (stuck to the cover!)

    Great Breakers. Liked the Simply Red song and still love Mental As Anything's Live It Up.

    At least they were doing 50's and 60's Americana as pastiche and not clogging up the charts with yet more re-releases from a bygone era (getting on me nerves now!!!)
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  12. CAMP!!
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  13. Young girl with eyes like potatoes.
  14. Some of the stuff I'm forgetting (or misremembering) is a worry; like Bruce Willis being the high climber up 20 to #11, how could I not recall that, when that album was everything to me at the time? And most of the singing in the video is by June (?) Pointer as well, the way they showed it, he was barely in his own video. Weird.

    And I definitely didn't find Kim Appleby as gorgeous as I do watching now!
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  15. Oh dear!
  16. That was what my brother thought she was singing, and bizarrely at work last week when it came on the radio that is what one of my colleagues sang too! I've always heard "young girl with eyes like potatoes" and I'm glad I'm not the only one!
  17. We sang that too, "round my way" hehe
  18. Ha ha, fair enough!
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  19. We've missed TTD twice? Argh!
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