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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Nevermind, we've had Curiosity about five times now.
  2. Hum. Shall we release Ordinary Day or Misfit again. Really difficult that one. Not.
  3. "Ordinary Day" is a real mess ...I hadn't noticed how much of a shambles it was back in 1987.
    The bits which made their two singles "Great" were the sax in "Down to earth" and the keyboard riffs in "Misfit" - the bits that weren't played by the lads themselves but by session musicians, right?
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  4. I did find the second of this weekend's episodes to be rather dull, with a lack of exciting performances. Even Ruby Turner couldn't save it - a singer I like but a song I dislike whoever covers it. How that charted in the same week and got higher than the other Turner - Tina - with her 'What You Get Is What You See' is beyond me. Tina would have lifted that episode - just the video would have been good enough!
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  5. I was surprised they went with it,over a reissue of Misfit. Ordinary Day had been on the Mercury label's budget sampler "Beat Goes Wild" in 1986 (along with the wonderful Another Lost Weekend by Swing out Sister) and sounded like a demo. But then maybe it was "put anything out after Down To Earth, and save the Misfit reissue for the next single in the campaign". It sort worked, the album went in at #1 and then Misfit still made #7 later that summer. It only unravelled when Free was the following single in September.
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  6. I was amazed that Ruby's ears didn't fall off....those BIG gold earrings must have been "on loan" from Pat Butcher!
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  7. Tina's 'second' album singles just didn't land in the UK, did they? It's hard to fathom. Seeing as she did so well before and after
  8. Indeed, she didn't really seem to have much luck singles wise overall in the UK, until the Foreign Affair era, where the first 3 singles, reached #5//#8/#13 respectively. In contrast, by this point the US weren't so kind to her on the single charts. Still, Break Every Rule as an album itself I believe did go to #2 and eventually go 2X Platinum, which was something.
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  9. The lyric in Stay Out Of My Life is “until I found out you were playing around while I was waiting for you”.
  10. I think I'm right in saying that the problem with doing that with Saville and DLT editions is the whole question of seeing alleged victims in the audience if they've been involved in legal proceedings – even if the alleged offender isn't in shot.

    Having said that, I'm sure some performances from editions they hosted have been used in the past ('Babylon's Burning' by the Ruts, for one) … so maybe I'm wrong?
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  11. Yes she was secretly dating Simon le Bon from Duran Duran..when he finished painting the Renoir, he sold it with the TV set as he didn't want to be around when it got out.
  12. HAHAHA! Love it.

    I've allowed myself to live with that misapprehension for 30 years!
  13. Dunno if anyone else on here follows the RecordMirror80s Twitter feed – the person who runs it screen shots selected pages from editions, corresponding with the current calendar (today's features editions from 1981 and 1987, for instance). Most of the charts are included, along with James Hamilton's Disco column, singles and album reviews, plus Alan Jones' Chartfile … a post from which yesterday in 1988 made for intriguing reading.

    Commenting on the number of older artists who returned in 1987, Jones pointed to a new wave of much younger hitmakers making a splash in early 1988: Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Vanessa Paradis and, of course, Kylie Minogue. (This trend ought to be a feature in The Story Of 1988 – if anyone from BBC Four is reading this).

    But Jones' usual stream of facts and trivia took an unexpected twist when he alighted on Bros, who were busy barging everyone else out of the way back then for the teen heartthrob throne previously occupied by Duran Duran and A-ha. Cutting through the hype, he questioned what was at the time being touted as their songwriting prowess ('When Will I Be Famous' was credited to 'The Brothers' – in fact not the Goss twins but their producer and manager); and then claimed the actual lead vocalist on that single was Dee Lewis, signed at the time to Mercury Records.

    Dee is the younger sister of 70s hitmaker Linda. Her other sister is Shirley Lewis – who worked extensively as a backing vocalist with George Michael in the 90s and beyond … the same Shirley Lewis who is now married to Luke Goss! You couldn't make it up!
  14. I think I remember this rumour!!

    I think Dee Lewis was definitely a backing singer on their first album - I got quite familar with her voice around 1988.
  15. If that had been in the Sun, I'd've taken it with a large pinch of salt. But given that it ended up in print in a music press column devoted primarily to chart facts and figures, and doesn't appear to have ever been challenged, I'd've said there is probably a grain of truth in it.

    My guess is that what happened on 'When Will I Be Famous' was a trick used a lot back in the late 80s: backing singer does a guide vocal for the named artist; named artist, possibly with fewer vocal skills, sings along with that; and then the producers merge the two tracks so that, for the public's ears, the song is performed in tune, but the named artist is still discernible on the single.

    So somewhere in between Milli Vanilli-gate/Black Box-gate and Autotune …? ;-)
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  18. I remember that RM column, too. Good find.

    It's obvious now that Matt and Luke didn't write any of the Push material, in fact it should have been obvious as soon as The Time was released. The difference in quality is huge.
  19. Just got back from work, anything special on tonights repeats??
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