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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. The chart rundown was incorrect too, talking about the New order entry, but showing a photo of some random 80s rock hair band
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  3. I've always had a thing for the bass player in the Stranglers, especially around this period.

    Hugh was looking mighty fine too
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  4. Oh, here's me thinking they'd made a mistake

    I was never too familiar with New order stuff after 1986 ish
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  5. Ha yeah, that was a still from the video to the single. A completely daft video, though True Faith aside videos were never NO's forte.
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  6. Nothing too much of note seeing as it was the first show of 1988 and thus still very 1987 orientated. However, nice to see Sinitta in the studio, and I can't help be but slightly excited at seeing Belinda Carlisle climb to #2. Means that we're closer to the first of the 2 female trilogy of back to back #1's for the year...
  7. Belinda should have been on every single week at this point.
  8. I agree. The photo of choice they keep using of her in the chart rundown, is rather stunning too!
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  9. Funnily enough, it's on the 'Hit Mix 88' double CD I've just mentioned in the Thrift Shop Finds thread!
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  10. Oddly enough I didn't mind it ...
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  11. This is the first time I'd heard this and while the sentiment is lovely, it's just so insipid and bland....seeing Bonnie Langford looking so sincere, it's like something from a French and Saunders sketch

    They should have waited a bit and got the Reynolds Girls in to add a bit of sparkle, stick on some acid bass lines and Debbie's Uno, Dos, Tres.....instant hit!

    It's certainly no Band Aid II
  12. The only downside of the Hit Mix compilations is they're several continuous mixes with only bits of the songs. I remember Hit Mix 87 being like that, which tempered the excitement of finally tracking down some of the more elusive tracks on that.
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  13. Confession time: I've been away this weekend so haven't watched Friday's TOTP – but I'm only familiar with Shep Pettibone's 12" remix of 'Behind The Wheel' which I'd say is anything but limp. And 'Route 66' on the flip is remixed by the Beatmasters – so that's two thumbs up for me!

    The Stranglers admitted subsequently that doing a cover version was foisted on them by Epic/CBS, who obviously decided to fall back on that well-known cliché: artist sales struggling? Give them a cover version! And, as so often happens, it reaped short term rewards for the Stranglers, but that's all.
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  14. ...and Alison Moyet (Epic, "Love Letters" from this chart and several others in the 1985-1987 timespan for her...)
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  15. The superior album version
  16. I love dm and I appreciate it may have been down to the single mix but did anyone else find the sound incredibly quite for that one song on totp? Even when I ramped up the volume it still sounded really lists and quiet. Just sounded shit so am not surprised not many people were one over by it.
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  17. I think it's just the flatness of the Shep Pettibone 7" single remix. The 12 inch is much more interesting.

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  18. Yeah, I had to turn up the volume but even then it didn't seem to make much difference. It was a weird experience all round.
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  19. I'm sure CBS/Epic would have loved TTD's second album to have loads of covers and Sign Your Name Pt.2, and the Sade album to have been a bit more commercial than it was.
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  20. Was Love Letters, Allison's last big chart hit?
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