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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. They were pretty va.....................liant.
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  2. I have just watched this. A bizarre presenting partnership. They made each other worse!
  3. What about the certain disgraced paedophile (that got removed from NOW 3) who was part of the promo duties for the Timelords' Doctorin The Tardis? He was on Radio1 around that time of the single being at #1. Or was there no TOTP performance for that.
  4. Wasn't he only on the Xmas TOTP (which is why we won't get that on BBC4)?
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  5. So, if he wasn't part of the performance/video during the single's chart run, we should be okay. No more skipped weekly episodes.
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  6. Completely agree...who on earth at the Beeb head office thought these guys were funny? Not then and certainly not now!
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  7. If they were children sat together in a classroom, they would have been immediately separated by the teacher!
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  8. Hurrah for that too!
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  9. It'd be nice if the 1989 shows ran concurrently, so we can see what was in the charts at the same week we're in now.
  10. That would be good too.
  11. I've always said 'Taja' with a hard J, and I'm sure that's what the presenters have said on these recent TOTP episodes. But then for years they called Depeche Mode "Depeshay Mode", so what do they know?
  12. I'm the opposite – I loved that performance and thought PK pulled off doing the song solo brilliantly. She looked carefree, confident and the whole thing was, for me, much less awkward than (with apologies to their fans on here) Debbie Gibson or Tiffany.

    What followed for PK, of course, was none of those things: marriage disasters and unnecessary botox … and Holby City.
  13. I think that was the original plan with the TOTP repeats when they first started on BBC Four. They started to hit problems with that idea, though, first with editions missing from the archive, and then when the misdemeanours of certain presenters came to light …

    The downside of doing that with 1989 would be that we'd be down to one edition a week … with none at all on weeks where there's Eurovision/the Proms/football/tennis/Sky At Night. And I'm not sure my TOTP repeats addiction could cope with that!
  14. At least with any luck, 1989, will be the first full year without any skipped shows...
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  15. I'll drink to that!
  16. Let's hope it really will be the case!
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  17. If they're going to have to skip fingers crossed it's the Jive Bunny eps.
  18. Jive Bunny's Christmas single Let's Party does contain a sample of GG.
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  19. I was probably core target audience, being 10 back then, but I hated Jive Bunny. Or was it all aimed at old people? I could never figure it out.
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  20. I had always thought Jive Bunny was purely aimed at children until more recently. I certainly bought into it aged 9 as I loved the whole cartoon aspect of it, but then a friend of mine, who's the same age as me, told me a few years ago that he thought of it as music for old people as his gran had liked it - presumably due to the "nostalgia" value. I guess that was the whole cunning marketing plan.
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