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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Bomb The Bass' Don't Make Me Wait is such an underrated banger, that studio performance was one of my favourites so far.

    I love Lorraine's voice, anyone know if she had a flop solo career?
  2. The Popjustice Comeback Corner solo career of choice is always the flop solo career!

    (in answer to your question, I don't know.)
  3. She was in The Cool Notes...I never knew...
  4. Lorraine is the mum of Bradley from S Club 7
  5. A-ha so she did come around and spend the night in your car!
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  6. Don't Make Me Wait sounding like a true 1988 Miami Bass / Freestyle song... ugh Tim's mind.

    I thought it was a Cover Girls song at the time (on its first greek radio play before the song got to the chorus and I released it was Bomb The Bass) as the vocal was very Show Me.
  7. BIB – I agree and I think 'Don't Make Me Wait' was very much an attempt to create the kind of latin hip hop that was massive in the US at this time and into the early 90s. Groups like Seduction (featuring a young Michelle Visage - currently doing Strictly), Exposé, the Cover Girls and Sweet Sensation (no, not that Sweet Sensation) all had big success in the US club charts as well as the pop charts there, and I'd guess Tim Simenon fancied a bit of that … but I don't think he got it.

    None of those freestyle acts that did pretty well in the States made any headway here at all – indeed, there's a real divergence in black/club music between the UK and US in the late 80s, with the days of British record companies outbidding each other for the hottest US imports fast becoming a thing of the past.
  8. 3 episodes on this week 1 on Thursday and 2 on Friday. After that 14 episodes of 1988 left means we should finish the year by Christmas and start 1989.
  9. Predictions for The Story Of 1989: major success for acts who don't perform on their own records (Black Box, Milli Vanilli); breakthroughs for Soul II Soul and Lisa Stansfield; SAW reach saturation point; rock goes indie (Stone Roses, Happy Mondays) …
  10. Thanks … that's one aspect of 1989 I would happily not re-live! Interesting, though – J*** B**** relied entirely on videos, didn't they? Which maybe makes them of less interest for a TOTP-based documentary?
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  11. A very good point. Still, if they have managed to get one of the DJs behind the rabbit ears to agree to a talking-head interview, I'm sure JB might crop up... even if just as part of a "I was denied a number one by a bunny megamix" narrative.
  12. Denied a number one by JB: Kylie, Jason, Lil Louis, Alice Cooper, Milli Vanilli …
  13. They who shall not be named are just several shades of wrong!! fortunately a couple of them went onto better things as hard house and trance extreme to the other.

    60's musical vomit regurgitated for the braindead, thankfully I can record the episodes and fast forward through these particular "treats"
  14. I wasn't really surprised by Jive Bunny's success at the time (1989) due to:

    A) The Medley craze back in 1981 - string a bunch of popular/well know hits of the 50's/60's together (and not necessarily by the same artist), then it's likely it was going to be a hit
    B) At the time (1988/1989) there was a lot of "Medleys" cashing in on the Commercial success of House/Hip Hop records - Latino Rave etc. How many times did we hear "Pump up the volume/This is a journey into sound/Woah Yeah" samples?

    JB just reverted back to what was successful in A) and promoted it with a "cartoon character" for the demographic in 1989 who wouldn't be captured by B) - and they got three Number Ones out of it...or maybe they just read The KLF book: "The Manual"?
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  15. Jive Bunny just seemed so out of date, with everything else that was going musically at the time, at least with stuff like stars on 45 some of the medley were recent songs, but with JB it was donkeys years old stuff and not mixed or done particularly well, just one song into another

    Maybe if they'd sampled it on a four to the floor beat, put a couple of "I know you're gonna dig this" samples in, get Lolletta Holloway in for a few woaaaaah ohh's and stick a donk on it.....but no
  16. The nans and the aunties lapped it up though. Swing the mood is still a perennially wedding dancefloor filler, sadly.
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  17. BIB – weirdly, Jive Bunny seemed to briefly fill the retro void vacated by Shakin' Stevens … but they really do represent one of 1989's musical horrors – like the nightmare animal love child of Showaddywaddy and Stars On 45.
  18. I think kids liked it too (not me, I was 10 and was a bit bemused and baffled by it all), but friends liked Jive Bunny and the simplicity to it all was probably a reason why.
  19. Yep. I admit I was one of those taken in by Jive Bunny aged 9 and acquired the 'That's What I Like' single.

    I also much later bought the 12" picture disc off eBay for 2p.
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