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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. I often thought, based on the UK charts back then, that UK loves nostalgia, with old songs re-issued often doing well/reaching the top 10, unlike other countries' charts. See also the whole Brexit debacle.
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  2. But due to their ad usage it was young people who bought those songs back then no? Don’t think Reet Petite, My Baby Just Cares For Me etc were only charting by mum sales.
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  3. Just what I was going to say - I bought Ben E. King 'Stand By Me' when I was a child because it was a great song not from any nostalgia.
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  4. Maybe it was the claymation videos for those two...
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  5. I never bought any retro re-releases at the time, I did like the Jackie Wilson follow ups 'I get the sweetest feeling' and 'Higher and higher' but never went as far as buying them. , I despised, and still do, bloody 'Reet Petite' and it's still inescapable at every family party and wedding.
  6. The only other retro single I bought was Muddy Waters 'Mannish Boy' in 1988 (probably had something to do with the man in the advert)

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  7. I only bought Madonna singles in the 80s but I’d have bought Stand By Me for sure.
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  8. Stand by me and I heard it through the grapevine were the absolute dons of the re-release hits, both utterly perfect, timeless songs.
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  9. Perhaps the best yes. The rest didn't really compare.
  10. Did you buy the re-releases though is the relevant question.
  11. I didn't buy it at the time because I was a 10 year old without pocket money, but I would have 100% bought My Baby Just Cares For Me if I could have because it's a head-turningly thrilling record. I'd never heard anything like it at that age and I LOVED it.
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  12. I loathed all the retro stuff clogging up the charts. I was an all-new kind of guy. I wanted new material from new acts newly available to be vying for chart places, not reduced to debuting at #66 because a Sam Cooke song from decades ago was on a jeans advert.

    Obviously, those tracks are all classics and I feel differently now. But then it all sounded so ancient.
  13. In those days when I was a kid, I wanted music that was shiny, new and exciting, not boring old music as I saw it then.

    Music was exciting then when you had dance music which was becoming bigger and bigger and your favourite groups and singers releasing new albums, I certainly didn't want to hear music from 60's and most of the 70s.

    I can appreciate the songs now as timeless, but still not my bag, give me shiny exciting dance music any day
  14. Exactly. What teenager wants to be nostalgic.
  15. We'd rather sing along to Yazz.....
  16. Couldn't agree with you all more:

    Can't Stock, Aitken and Waterman see that every generation
    Has music for its own identity?
    But why are the writers of their songs
    more than twice the age of me! (back in 1988)
    oh, the irony
    is killing me
  17. Damn that cruise holiday that the Reynolds Girls wouldn't cancel. Oh what might have been.
  18. Me! When I was about 12 in the early 90s I was buying Culture Club CDs and even received a disco compilation for my birthday. Then by about 17/18 in the late 90s T'Pau were my favourite band after I started buying their back catalogue. I'd been nostalgic about "old" music from quite a young age.
  19. It was deffo for 'Reet Petite', but I'd say 'My Baby Just Cares For Me' had a slightly different history …

    It was the lead track on a 10" EP Charly Records issued in 1982 and was picked up in some clubs, where it lingered, and became a slow burn seller over the years – so it already had a profile that 'Reet Petite' didn't before it was picked up for a TV commercial.
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