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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. The second episode on Friday was my favourite in all my years of watching these repeats from 1983, not one bad song and every one a personal favourite. Dame Kim, Sabrina, Sinitta, Bananarama, T'Pau, Whitney, Enya - phew, the episode wouldn't let me breathe!

    I don't know how I have managed to forget the Beatmasters and PP Arnold as I had NOW 13 but can't have heard Burn It Up in 30 years. What a banger! And she looked absolutely incredible!
  2. BIB – I know relatively little about the Beatmasters (didn't one or some of them work in advertising or something?) but they did some cracking work. 'Burn It Up' is indeed a banger; 'Who's In The House' lays claim to them as originating hip house (with 'Rok Da House') with style and panache; and they introduced Betty Boo to the world with 'Hey DJ …'

    They're also responsible for some great remixes in the 90s, not least for Aswad and The Shamen.

    But where are they now?
  3. I took note of Kim's appearance – was that a yellow smiley badge she had pinned to her top …?
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  4. AF53414F-957D-478A-93D2-D603C9797F31.jpeg
    here is David Janssen of The Fugitive fame in 1974 aged 43
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  5. Crikey, 5 years younger than I am now.
  6. BBC4 repeats seem to be 2 episodes on Friday for the forseeable future
  7. Not a fan, I much preferred the 7.30pm on a Thursday and Friday slot. I wonder once we hit 1989 if they will go to one episode a week to last the year.
  8. Yes, two a week, one Thurs 7.30, one Friday 7.30 was the ideal format.
  9. By today’s standards he looks more like 63.
  10. Caron Keating co-presents tonight! Is this her first show?

    I used to have quite a thing for her in those Blue Peter days...
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  11. Definitely her first episode. I can't say I remember her ever being a TOTP presenter but here we are!
  12. Caron was there when they said goodbye to Peter Powell the other week
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  13. Thanks! I haven't watched that one yet, so will keep a lookout.
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  14. I really liked Peter Powell - does anyone know why he stopped appearing on Top of the Pops - he introduced me to so much good music in the early 80's (OMD, Simple Minds, Altered Images, China Crisis, The Beat etc)
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  15. Looking forward to seeing my favourite single of the Kylie album on one of these shows tonight!!
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  16. From everything i've read, he thought he was too old to be presenting it after 10 or so years. That and he also moved away from presenting generally into management and looked after a raft of TOTP and Radio 1 presenters careers. Shame though as he was one of the best they had.
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  17. Just caught up on last night's episodes:
    Enjoyed The Christians - Harvest for the world
    Erasure - A little respect
    Deacon Blue - Real gone kid
    Milli Vanilli - Girl you know it's true (still a great pop song) - I hear Sting is a fan!
    Tom Jones singing "Kiss" - Prince must have been cringing when he saw/heard that performance - lessons in how to ruin a Prince song part one!
    Royal Party - Can you Party - was just Todd Terry under another name - my bet is that the "group" were hastily put together for that performance!
    Enya - Orinoco Flow - interesting Number One - very different to anything else that was in the chart

    The dream team of Steve Wright and Anethea "How much was the fee for doing this again?" Turner was truly amazing - right down to her doing her homework of the correct pronunciation of Tanita Tikaram! Brilliant song and video (Filmed in Peru?) "Twist in my sobriety"

    Edit - just found out the video location was Bolivia (not Peru) - see also the excellent video to The The's "Infected" from 1986!
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  18. It's "Women NOT girls rule my world" Tom
  19. Oh god, both at the same time. This is going to be....challenging for me.
  20. BIB – from what I recall, the tipping point was the new wave of dance music that came up in 1987 and became increasingly dominant in the charts, starting with 'Jack Your Body' … all a far cry from the more traditional soul and funk he used to play a lot of on his late afternoon/early evening Radio 1 show.

    Powell may have been good in his day but I'm afraid he also played a part in the demise of TOTP: among his clients as a manager was Andi Peters – and we all know how many nails he hammered in TOTP's coffin. :-|
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