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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. BIB – yes, totally. Just like the Housemaster Boyz from 1987, the individuals on stage had absolutely nothing to do with the individuals responsible for the track. The Musicians' Union would have had a fit, had they still held any sway over TOTP in 1988.

    Todd Terry was everywhere at this point in 1988, coming up with different dance tracks for different labels under different names (Black Riot, Orange/Lemon, the Todd Terry Project, as well as Royal House) … and getting away with sampling the Jacksons.
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  2. "To the batmobile - let's go" - great album - loved the cover of "Weekend" on that!
    Todd Terry even remixed the UK flop single by The Thompson Twins "In the name of love" - which was lower down the chart at this time (Oct 1988") - it was a "ghostbusting" US dance hit upon original release in 1982 though!
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  3. Glad you brought this up...I noticed this makes Tom sound like a leech and Prince classy at this point in time!
  4. I’m not sure if this is true but didn’t he apparently say when challenged on this “well, I don’t want to miss anyone out” ?!
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  5. Just catching up on the 2nd episode, I've never heard of Royal House, or even the song before, I liked it, definitely my kind of thing. It's very Pump up the Jam

    Milli Vanilli, what an absolute crock of shite, I'm still wondering why they were so popular, I always thought the songs were weak, I always thought there was something iffy about them as they couldn't even mime properly, it didn't look natural like how others make it look, but then again it's because they were just the front
  6. I actually liked Milli Vanilli even more after I found out about the whole "singing" on their records saga...they were ahead of the curve on that one...cue 1989 and Hello Blackbox, Technotronic et al....
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  7. oh and I'm holding them responsible for everyone wearing cycling shorts back in the day
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  8. Un-friended!
  9. Chris Lowe was wearing them first!

  10. Not sure about a full solo career but she did a bunch of session work for Almighty Records in the 90s, most of which was pseudonymous. However, she did the vocals on this Celine Dion cover which was first released under their Rochelle moniker but then got a US release which was sort of credited to her though, as Heartbeat featuring Lauraine (instead of Lorraine). It even came with a Freestyle mix that got decent coverage and chart success on the US Freestyle scene.

    This was the version on the first UK 12” release on Almighty (they’ve remixed and repackaged it many, many times since then)

    And the Freestyle Mix from the US release on QPM as Heartbeat featuring Lauraine

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  11. Two songs that sounded very similar, used the same samples, in the chart at the same time

  12. Chris Lowe is the epitome of cool though, he could wear a naf naf jacket and still be ahead of the times
  13. They could be housemates.

    I'll get my coat.
  14. I guess hindsight is a wonderful thing, but it's amazing how they got away with it. They won a Grammy? How can you hardly speak English in interviews yet sing with a faultless American accent?

    Actually, watching them made me feel a bit sad - how it (inevitably, I guess) ended so catastrophically. As you say, they were just the front.
  15. 'I'll House You' uses 'Can You Party' as its base – it wasn't a case of using the same samples, rather than creating a new track based on a sample of a record which samples other records … if you see what I mean?!?

    There's more of this to come from Todd Terry, albeit in a slightly more subtle way, when samples from this club hit by Black Riot …

    … form the basis of this big hit for Robert Howard and Kym Mazelle (1989 spoiler):

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  16. I must admit that the trilogy of Collins/Hollies/U2 #1's, was somewhat dire. Glad that is all done with now.
  17. I totally agree – I was no fan at the time, but what happened to them is a very sobering story of how Machiavellian and cynical the entertainment industry can be, and the impact that can have on the individuals in the spotlight.

    There's another one of those – with thankfully less tragic consequences – mentioned in RuPaul's latest podcast, What's The Tee (dunno if anyone else listens?), in which Michelle Visage, current star of Strictly, talks about the girl group she was in between the late 80s and early 90s, Seduction, and how all the creative control lay with Clivillés & Cole (AKA C&C Music Factory). The whole producer/manager vs artists dynamic isn't new, of course, but I think it becomes more pronounced from the late 80s onwards, as we get an increasing number of groups deliberately assembled, rather than being formed organically. And very few of those stories are without any drama …
  18. Sadly though in a couple of weeks it'll be Stiff Pilchards and his Mistletoe and Wine all will be redeemed in 1989...with the exception of Jive Bunny
  19. What an awful ghost of Christmas past that song is!
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  20. I actually liked all three songs at the time...and still do!
    "Desire" was the first U2 song at the time which had a "funky" dance remix!
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