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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Reported!
  2. I will say that it was surprising they took about 7 years to gain there first UK #1 seeing what a huge band they were. As for Phil Collins, Two Hearts was a better single I think.
  3. I actually think the Milli Vanilli singles were great fun - especially "Baby don't forget my number" - they were just great dance/pop singles of their time - and I preferred them over what SAW were doing at the time (late 1988) - if you breakdown "Girl you know it's true" - it's got all the elements of a great late 80's pop single. The whole structure feels cut and pasted together. For my ears it was very interesting at the time - and catchy as hell!
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  4. U2 were very much an albums band up to "The Joshua Tree" in 1987 - from which they gained 2 US Hot 100 Number Ones and three UK Top ten singles. The album before (in 1984) called "The Unforgettable Fire" was not mined for singles - although imho they could have released four singles from that album - rather than two which went top 10 in the UK!
  5. Not that I could really name many of their singles to be honest, even the classic ones. Not my cup of tea at all.
  6. It probably needed overall sales to fall across the market, so their fanbase would have more of an effect. And that happened in 1988.

    In the Guiness Book of #1 Hits, published in 1988, there's a bit at the back which mentions some major acts that hadn't had a UK chart-topper. U2 and Simple Minds are named, and then both achieved the feat within a year!
  7. 1988 was the lowest selling year for singles in the 80's, wasn't it? Not that it doesn't stop Kylie's impressive feat of FIVE top 2 hits that same year back to back, being well, impressive...
  8. Both songs sample the spoken intro to The Jacksons 'Can You Feel It' from their Jacksons Live! album which had already been sampled by Mr Fingers on his track 'Can You Feel It'.

    Black Riot was also sampled by Rob Base And DJ E-Z Rock 'Get On The Dance Floor'
  9. I thought that the Milli Vanilli performance on Top Of The Pops was famously complained about because of the cycling shorts, was I misremembering this?
  10. It gets increasingly sample-tastic around this time, arguably the ultimate one being 'Wooh! Yeah!' from Lyn Collins' 'Think (About It)', first notably used in 'It Takes Two' by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock, as I recall, but then ending up in the likes of Bombalurina …
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  11. Surely it can't top Imagination's TOTP debut in 1981, where the drummer gets up at the very end of the performance and it all gets very revealing?

    Or the very end of Liquid Gold's 'Substitute' performance in 1980 …?

    The drummer is now Mr Jane Macdonald. I guess we all know what she sees in him …!
  12. Screen Shot 2019-11-17 at 15.00.55.png
    Top 40 new entries of November 1988
  13. Still loving the 1988 episodes.

    All Of Me by Sabrina is top notch SAW in my eyes.

    I'd never heard Burn It Up by Beatmasters and PP Arnold. It's of it's time but I like it.

    Kylie doing Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi is special. Terrible styling and miming but still my favourite of her early PWL work. It gave me life when she played it this summer live.

    Not to mention Dame Kim and her spectacular Never Trust A Stranger. Still adore the Close album and this is a real highlight.
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  14. That Sabrina song was dreadful, it was like SAW just re-wrote Boys boys boys, but got one of their young children to write the lyrics.
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  15. It's just so catchy though! Plus I love the underperforming singles by Bananarama and Sinitta.
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  16. And what about it.
  17. Reported.

    It’s a fucking choon.
  18. But NOWHERE near as good as Boys Boys Boys (Summertime love!)
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  19. Stirred a hornets nest there! Boys, boys, boys is a perfect piece of Europop though.
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  20. Dunno if anyone has seen this site, but posting here due to the totp theme, loads of scans of magazines etc
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