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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Thanks - very interesting!
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  2. I guess back in those days men dressed naturally to the right!
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  3. Bloody Thatcherism.
  4. Kylie, just looked absolutely beautiful in that performance of one of her most underrated PWL singles too. Can't believe I was so indifferent to that song for so many years!
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  5. Thanks for the recommendation about the podcast. It very clearly explained how things worked contractually. The record contract was between the label and the producers, not the label and her band (Seduction). I guess that's how it worked with Milli Vanilli.
  6. Yeah – I think it was Frank Farian, who masterminded Boney M, who signed them up to his company then decided they weren't good enough vocally so used session musicians in the recording sessions instead, but kept the guys on because that was in the contract he'd signed with them … plus I figure he could see how he could market their image.

    People not singing or playing on their own records wasn't really a new thing – but in most of the instances I recall happening in the 70s, the artists either dug their heels in and forced the record company to do what they want (e.g. the Sweet), or they got their own career out of having sung uncredited on someone else's record (Tina Charles). What Farian did took artistic deceit to a whole new level. Maybe he thought he could get away with it because of what he'd done with Boney M, where only half the group actually sung on their records, but the trick he tried with MV was way beyond that – and, of course, it backfired spectacularly … with some tragic consequences (whether you liked their records or not).
  7. I concur! Girl You Know It's True, Baby Don't Forget My Number, Girl I'm Gonna Miss You and Blame It On The Rain are cracking pop songs.
  8. Catching up with the 6th October edition.

    Oh Kim, Kim, Kim. You make my loins stir. Never Trust a Stranger is such a fucking good song too. And the Beatmasters/PP Arnold track never leaves my playlist, even now.

    Don't Worry Be Happy is, and always has been, pure evil.
  9. Even Sting said at the time that they shouldn't have to hand back their Grammy awards as they promo'ed the records with all the songs around the world!
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  10. And who gives a fuck if they weren't singing. The whole package (ahem) worked, so it was fantastically irrelevant. I'm sure the real vocalists were getting paid. And I bet they couldn't carry off cock-hugging cycling shorts.
  11. Every mime you make, every vocal you fake....
  12. Bike shorts reached their pinnacle with this UK #93 smash from 1989:

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  13. 'Sexy Girl' (which we got instead of 'All of Me' in Oz) is the 'highlight' of the Sabrina debut for me - both song and (of course, cheap and tacky) video:

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  14. I couldn't care less whether or not Milli Vanilli sang on the records, but then one of my all time favourite popstars is Dame Katrin Quinol so what the hell do I know?!
  15. "Dame" Katrin LOL

  16. The voice of an angel. With laryngitis.
  17. Who actually let her “sing” with a live mic? Even she gives up halfway trough and mimes to Dame Martha’s original vocal!
  18. I think the producers turned her mic off (quite wisely).
  19. I'm crying!!!! That is so funny.
  20. I can't stop watching this. The struggle is real.

    What an icon!
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