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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. But what about the "Real" Milli Vanilli dancers in that Blackbox clip - they've stolen MC Hammer's diaper trousers, JJ's Rhythm Nation 1814 baseball caps and they're touching dame Katrin's "bottom" - a #Metoo moment??
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  2. I can't say how badly I want Martha Wash to see this video and throw some shade at it … it's like a really bad X Factor audition gone chronically wrong!
  3. My favourite part is - 'ow you doin?'
    I also have to add that she is an inspirational role model. Having a bad day at work? Imagine you are Dame Katrin and give it some full-on chutzpah!
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  4. At least it wasn't Ride on Time that she attempted to "sing" along to.
  5. I'd have loved to have seen that
  6. Watching tonights first episode

    Loved watching Gloria and Miami Sound Machine, they had so many good songs

    Tanita Tikaram - Twist in My Sobriety, I can't watch this without picturing Dawn French

    Yazz - Stand up for your love rights, my favourite songs of hers, shame they missed out the spoken verse, I wish she'd carried on making dance music in this style

    Enya - No, still not a fan
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  7. Tanita (and not bloody Tinita!) looked more like I imagined she would have done, than in the Good Tradition video.

    Yazz was either on something, or just the joys of life.

    Kylie was 19 trying to be middle-aged, now she's middle-aged she's trying to stay a teenager.

    The girls in the TOTP audience look like girls as I remembered them, one of the girls in that Robin Beck video was very pretty. I used to spend my teens not knowing where to look, always seeing something that caught me eye. Now it couldn't be more opposite.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Incredible.
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  10. Not funny!
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  11. That’s what Tanita said.
  12. Thankfully she's still alive, otherwise she'd be twisting in her grave!
  13. Look her eyes are just holo grams.
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  14. Were the Miami Sound Machine (Not just Gloria) actually live? It sounded like an actual performance.
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  15. I think the vocal performance was at least live!
  16. Just watched this week's episodes and some observations:
    During the countdown both Jolly Roger and D.Mob's song titles were not mentioned due to the A**** word - it might frightened the kids! But not as much as Nicky Campbell's "smugness"

    Did Robin Beck borrow Slash's hat for her TOTP performance? Anyone for a "Coke"?

    Tanita Tikaram sure is one happy bunny - she's obviously been listen to her fave Leonard Cohen again! Love the song "Twist in my sobriety"!

    Who thought it would be a good idea to "sex" up Gloria Estefan for that TOTP appearance? Bra from Madonna - with her jacket hanging off one shoulder and the leather "Chap" trousers borrowed from Slash (he really was a fashion icon for the ladies wasn't he!)

    Was Jerry Hall dating Bryan Ferry back in 1978...I guess it might have gone downhill for her afterwards - Mick Jagger, Rupert Murdoch?

    Prince's "I wish U heaven" is one of those songs that should be heard on headphones (as is the whole "Lovesexy" album) - you pick up on all the nuances and flourishes in his arrangements that way!

    INXS finally crack the UK top 20 with the re-release of "Need you tonight" - yay!
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  17. She didn't want to be Mrs Jerry Ferry
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  18. It was a good version wasnt it, I would go for live vocal over new backing track.
  19. Yeah, I wasn't crazy about Gloria's choice of outfit.
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  20. Great to see Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi hang around at the top end of the chart for Kylie. It really is the one from the debut and definitely where she started to shake off the Charlene from Neighours look/tag (not that having a July 87 video for the August 88 release of The Locomotion helped).....
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