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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Yes. I always thought the TOTP studio in the very late 90's looked a bit flat. I can only assume it was done so that other countries could create an easily replicable studio, thus enabling them to slot in their own acts amongst the pre-recorded British/international ones. Just a theory.

    But TOTP in the 80s and mid 90s had a buzz about it.
  2. Anyone knows where I can download the latest show?
  3. Yes, Top Of The Pops did seem to become much more of an international brand as the 90's wet on. So I guess perhaps that was why. Make it neutral all round and more easy to sell.
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  4. BIB - double track her vocals? I have heard alternative versions of that – of SAW's regular backing singers Miriam Stockley and Mae McKenna providing guide vocals for Kylie's early recordings and SAW blending their voices with Kylie's …

    I think Kylie had the last laugh and more than proved what she was capable of – but if that's story is true, it's one I could easily believe.
  5. I saw this and I would say whoever wrote it must have had a massive memory wipe, because stopping acts miming wasn't when TOTP jumped the shark at all.

    That moment came when Andi Peters took over, hired a presenter that made Simon Bates and Nicky Campbell look charismatic, wasted time that should have been spent on music with pointless interviews and fawned embarrassingly over anything to do with The X Factor.

    All so badly wrong in every way: so many nails were hammered in TOTP's coffin in such a short space of time that any revival was beyond impossible.
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  6. It was – but what was Gloria wearing?!? Who told her leather chaps would be a good look? Was she styled by Paul Rutherford?
  7. The Miami Sound Machine looked deeply uncool and not on 1988 trend. All mullets and leather. That may have still been cool in er Miami but for UK 1988 it looks very 1985 still.
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  8. Was that the real MSM? I couldn't work it out because I thought her husband was part of the group and I couldn't see him anywhere …

    I think 1988 is where Gloria really makes a beeline for the mainstream pop market in a major way – and so maybe the mullets, synchronised brass section and the guitar solo were all there with that in mind?
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  9. I was expecting something a bit softer too. Her videos and record sleeves weren't so Madonna-esque. Perhaps they were in the middle of a tour, as the Let It Loose album (as it was still known in the US) was just exploding over there, hence the rockier vibe.
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  10. Robin Beck really had a brilliant voice, shame she was a one hit wonder.

    Her album Trouble Or Nothing is surprisingly good, she even covers Pat Benatar (In A Crazy World Like This) and manages to improve it! It's produced by the amazing Desmond Child and has songs from Diane Warren and Holly Knight so you know you're in safe hands. Highly recommended to fans of late 80s soft rock.
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  11. Didn't Robin Beck originally sing Save Up All Your Tears latered covered by Cher?
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  12. It's on her album, though I think Dame Bonnie Tyler may have got there first...
  13. Cher/Laura/Celine/Bonnie/Tina, forever seemed to end up covering each others songs at some point it would seem.
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  14. And I own them all!

    Poor old Laura Branigan always seemed to be the loser in that little set-up!
  15. Indeed in fact, Celine, had at least two better charting songs I believe with Unison and The Power Of Love respectively. Although the former was still very much an minor hit.
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  16. And as much as I love Dame Bonnie, her Save Up All Your Tears can't hold a candle to Cher's. There's always one definitive version of these songs.
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  17. Exactly that.
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  18. Someone should do a multi-artist playlist/compilation with the songs they all covered.
  19. "Songs by Diane Warren"
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  20. "Heart of Stone" - the missing link between Bucks Fizz and Cher!
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