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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Very strange but just noticed that the 25/12/88 show will air on BBC Four at 8pm on the 20th with the 22/12/88 show after at 9pm unless it is an error and there was no 22/12/88 show and it should be the 29/12/88 show?
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  2. There was a show on 22/12/88.
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  3. Ah OK. Maybe they will realise the error and switch the shows around. The Christmas show will mostly be hits of the year so I guess apart from any chart countdown most of it won't matter if it is out of synch. It will be an overdose of 'Mistletoe & Wine' anyway!
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  4. I give up with BBC4 and their TOTPs re-runs - it's really quite easy now that all the dodgy DJ's are all done with:
    One episode a week on Thursday at 19.30 - you don't even have to edit it down from 40 minutes etc like pre-1985 episodes! Surely they can get that right!?!
  5. BIB – I wish that were true but sadly we have already had instances this year where there were technical problems with editions that meant they were skipped.

    That slot is also problematic for BBC Four when the channel defers to a major event, e.g. the Proms, football, Eurovision semis – so TBH what we have now is probably the best we'll get. At least the repeats show no sign of being stopped – I certainly hope not, as there are some cracking editions in the mid-90s when Ric Blaxill takes over as producer.
  6. I think the Four Tops are on this one - allegedly they got held up recording two performances at TOTP, resulting in them missing the Lockerbie flight back to the US...
  7. Apparently John Lydon was supposed to be on that flight as well...I'm really glad he wasn't, as my fave PIL album was released in 1989!
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  8. I think even I, ever so slightly prefer their version of this great song too...
  9. The Cheryl Baker lead vocal is my definitive version of this song.
  10. I knew you were a good man.
  11. I always secretly wished there was a Dame Shelley Preston lead vocal too!
  12. I better not share any of my secret Shelley Preston wishes.
  13. Very pretty she was that's for sure.
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  14. I always had low, growling lustful thoughts about Jay Aston.
  15. Jay was hot, she still is of the very few ladies who could drag me onto the other bus
  16. I wondered what that noise was.
  17. Ha, I never felt that way. Personal preference is a funny thing!
  18. Unfortunately Jay seems to have some rather dubious decisions lately …

    However, her whole career seems to have been one 'WTF?!?' drama after another, as was hilariously captured in the mid-00s fringe musical Night Of A Thousand Jay Astons – which maybe needs updating now …?
  19. Oh Jay. She's probably become mentally unsettled after years of having to look at Bobby Gee's hair.
  20. It has been, hasn't it?
    She comes across as a nice lady...but some of those decisions...
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