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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Looks like the stylist has been splashing out in Greenwoods, the blazer just makes him look far older than he is
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  2. Rick is the Benjamin Button of pop.
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  3. I bloody love Rick. Such a nice face. And splendid hair still.
  4. Rick's definitely hotter now he's older, just like Neil Arthur from Blancmange *swoons*
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  5. I agree, he certainly is very appealing shall we say. Especially as I like an elder man too! Haha.
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  6. Mike Read and his famous last words about Bros "going from strength to strength"

    The dumper beckons, that performance was *yawn*

    Why did Luke get a full drumkit when he just needed a hi-hat, Jon Moss just had a snare drum on the totp performance of Karma Chameleon and that was a much better performance
  7. Bros for me, had 2 great songs and that was it! I was surprised when Nicky Campbell (I believe) said in one episode he was surprised that I Quit was never a #1.
  8. I think there were better songs on Push that should have been singles, I always preferred Shocked and Liar to I Quit and Cat among the pigeons
  9. I have to take your word on that as I never have listened to Push. But, I am sure based on those two songs, that you are absolutely right in that respect!!
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  10. Choosing I Quit was a mistake, I think. It just wasn't up to the job, at the very moment Bros were at their commercial peak. The fact it debuted at its highest position, before a rapid descent, said it all.

    Then again, I'm not sure if Liar or anything else would have done much better. They'd used up their 3 best tracks already (and this is said as a huge fan of Push).
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  11. My German husband was confused by the second episode. Two people getting married who looked like Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue and then Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue turning up again but singing.
    Then my husband said 'Is he gay?'.
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  12. He's been reading The Face magazine again...
  13. I was never a Bros fan, but I do like 2 of the songs which happen to be later additions to their catalogue - Madly In Love due to the dance sound (very early 90s and dated now....) and the ballad Are You Mine?. Matt had a great voice but the grunting and growling put me off of most of their stuff.
  14. Just watched last night's episodes on i-player:

    Pet Shop Boys - Left to my own devices - great song with a wonderful production (Trevor Horn was involved) with lyrics like "Che Guevara and Debussy to a Disco beat" this could have been a James Bond theme tune - I always thought if there was a James Bond film made in 1988. The Pet Shop Boys would have been asked to write some tunes for it. "I'm not scared" sung by Patsy Kensit would have fitted in there nicely!

    Bros - was the keyboard player the younger brother of Vince Clarke in that TOTP performance? Talking of which - is the "Humanoid" the younger brother of Chris Lowe?

    I love that Phil Collins tune and video "Two Hearts" - the video is one up on the "You can't hurry love" video - as this time we get four Phil's rather than three Phil's!

    It's been mentioned before about the performance of "Nathan Jones" by Bananarama and their male posse - it looks all Vogue-ish to me but Visage were doing this in 1981 in their "Visage" video - I actually think New Romantics in their dance poses were "Vogue-ish" before it was termed as "Vogue"! I was a big fan of the New Romantic movement - I was an 11/12 year old kid at the time and it all looked so exotic!

    The new entries at 22 and 23 for Inner city and New Order was very much where my 19 year old head was at back in 1988 - great songs!
    The imagery in the "Fine Time" video - pill shapes floating around and snowflakes (coke) falling down are very of it's time!
    Interesting to note that "Good life" was filmed in London. Inner City were always bigger in the UK/Europe then their native US and Paris Grey had a lovely voice!
  15. Just watching these late ‘88 episodes making me a little emosh/nostalgic. It really was the year and time I discovered pop music and my love for it (I was 9 years old). Such an amazing time and so many classic songs in the charts triggering so many memories for me....Kylie & Jason, Rick Astley, Yazz, Pet Shop Boys, Bananarama, Erasure and even one off songs I love like Two Hearts from Phil Collins and the remix of Downtown from Petula Clark.

    Even Mistletoe and Wine making me soppy! I need to get a grip ha ha
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  16. McCartney got there first with Coming Up in 1980.
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  17. Left To My Own Devices. Very definition of a bop. And a classy bop at that.
  18. "Maybe if you're with me, we'll do some shopping"

    Genius at work.
  19. #4 was a decent chart peak, but thus should have been at least top 2 I think...
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  20. After the "flop" of Domino Dancing, it felt like progress.
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