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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. It sure is and possibly my favourite Rick track ever. So underrated.
  2. It really is. It hasn't aged much too I think. His least 80's sounding track.
  3. And possibly one of his best vocals too!
  4. That too!
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  5. The way it’s even more isolated on the Hold Me In Your Prayers mix emphasise his talent even back then....

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  6. Thanks for this mix, never heard of it before.
  7. It was never released at the time but appeared a few years back on the 2CD deluxe Hold Me In Your Arms release. Probably unsurprising a Tony King Remix (and to me heavily influenced by Bomb The Bass’ treatment of I Say A Little Prayer from late ‘88)
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  8. Yep, couldnt agree more, it's a beautiful and underrated track.
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  9. Funnily enough, Rick Astley was actually the first person I saw when I switched on my TV yesterday morning. And he looked every inch the sexy elder man too boot!
  10. I remember that I had a copy of Rick's second album and being really impressed by the tunes on there. It was as if every song was a single.
    Rick was on the Table Manners podcast a couple of weeks ago and he came across as a very likeable, down-to-earth guy - no ego. He said something interesting about SAW. He mentioned that, at the beginning, the songs that they wrote and produced were diverse (Princess, Dead or Alive, Mel and Kim). As time went on, SAW developed their sound 'and we fitted into it'. Take Me To Your Heart is a bop, but feels a bit like it could have been given to anyone.
  11. You've summed up my thoughts on SAW in one statement right there! I'm a big fan of their music from 1984 to 1987 - not so much after 1988!
  12. Ha! Thank you...well, thank Rick...
    As a fan of SAW, it's been interesting to watch their evolution on TOTP over the past few months. Kylie, Jason and Brother Beyond making the top ten, but artists they had worked with for a longer time - Hazell, Bananarama and Sinitta -struggling to make the top twenty (or not). Even Rick's SAW song just about made the Top Ten.
    I know what I've written is a bit of a generalisation (so please feel free to correct me!), but it's as if the success of Kylie's pure pop/SAW sound seduced them into pursuing a direction where the sound was more important than the artist. Even the SAW songs on Rick's second album sound like they gave him what was available on the day.

  13. The whole show featuring Pasadenas, Yazz, Climie Fisher, Rick, Salt n Pepa, Jane Wiedlin, Brother Beyond, Bananarama and Bros
  14. The songs on Rick’s 2nd album were last minute additions from SAW. The deluxe album reissue notes from Sir Tom Parker explain the scenario that Rick had masters destroyed for the 2nd album in a fire and it was all hands on deck to get the album out by Xmas. Regardless, I love it and the SAW sound throughout their time in the spotlight. Everything from the soul sound of Princess to the hi NRG of Dead Or Alive to the club sounds of Mel & Kim then the pure pop of Bananarama/Kylie/Rick/Jason/Donna/Sonia etc.
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  15. The very first Smash Hits awards wasn't it?
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  16. Yes 1988 was the first Poll Winners Party it ran on the BBC each year until the year 2000 and switched to Channel 4 until 2005. I don't remember any of them beyond the early 1990s when Take That used win every award.
  17. I only really remember the Channel 4 period. Which wasn't really as good I think.
  18. 88/89/90 Poll Winners Parties were the best
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  19. I know I sound contradictory now but I love it all too.
  20. Were his label really willing to let a follow up album have no SAW songs at all when the first did so well and they were proven hitmakers? This 'fire' sounds fishy!
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