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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Yes – but I'd also say that SAW must have been listening to Inner City's 'Big Fun' a lot when they wrote it as there's a synth line in 'Take Me To Your Heart' that's awfully similar …
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  2. BIB – I agree but I think that problem is unfortunately symptomatic of how much material they were generating. For me, SAW wrote and/or produced some great songs, but I do think quality control became a real problem for them after 1987. They liked to compare themselves to Motown but that isn't really accurate – Motown didn't rely on three people to write any songs that weren't cover versions: they created an army of songwriting talent, some of whom performed (Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, R Dean Taylor) but many more of whom who didn't. Nobody can generate the volume of material SAW did and maintain the same standards – it's just not possible and I'd argue that was part of their undoing.
  3. Innercity's "Paradise" album is a stunning debut! I used to listen to it a lot in the summer of 1989 with Soul II Soul's "Club Classics Vol I"
  4. I agree – and I'd say that clip of 'Good Life' was the best bit of the second of last Friday's second edition.
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  5. Big Fun
    Good Life
    Ain't nobody better
    Do you love what you feel

    Whatcha do with my lovin'

    What a way to start your pop career - five great singles!
  6. They became Trapped by their own success?
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  7. Well, if you will steal the bassline from from a big 1985 club/pop hit for the basis of your biggest seller of 1987 … ;-)
  8. Also see Blue Monday > Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)...
  9. I'd never made that connection before! They could be totally and utterly shameless … but kind of get away with it – for a while, at least.
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  10. New Order's "Blue Monday" is like Chic "Good Times":
    The former has a bassline that have been "borrowed" so many times, whereas "Good Times" has a guitar riff that has been "borrowed" so many times:

    Divine - Love Reaction
    Hazell Dean - Searchin', Whatever I do, Wherever I go

    "Good Times" - has been an inspiration on:
    Another one bites the dust
    Rip it up
    Rapper's delight
    Need you tonight
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  11. Surprised @Hairycub1969 hasn't picked up the PSB/Electronic references!
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  12. BIB – I think you mean 'Love Reaction'?

    Ironically, 'Blue Monday' is itself inspired by a number of other tracks – Donna Summer's 'Our Love' (from the Bad Girls album), Sylvester's 'You Make Me Feel Mighty Real' and 'Dirty Talk'by Klein & MBO.
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  13. @Servalan Thank you - I've been caught "walking in the rain to get wet on purpose" again and nearly got away with it!
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  14. LOL – I love the idea of Diana Ross covering 'Love Reaction' or Divine covering 'Chain Reaction', though …
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  15. I just tried Divinegrowling "You got a pedestal and put me on it"...
  16. 'Tonight, Matthew, I'm gonna be …'
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Oh dear...I started something....
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  19. That's a rapid transformation … Sashay, you stay!
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  20. Cracking (International) episode last night. I'd never seen this one before. I was probably at the Office Christmas party that Thursday evening in 1988.
    Petula Clark looked great doing "Downtown 88"
    New Order's "Fine Time" is a top tune - obviously Barney had been at the Smarti"E"s before that performance! Flying high!
    Innercity's Paris Grey looking good on the show "Good life" is such a classic bop!
    Also enjoyed U2, Erasure and Bon Jovi
    Even liked all the breakers - Four Tops, Kim Wilde and the excellent "9am (Comfort zone)" from London Beat
    A-ha's "Hello Sailor" video to "You are the one" looked strange seeing the Manhattan Skyline with the Twin Towers...
    A SAW free episode..but we get Cliff instead - hard to believe it was the best selling of the year! and it took just 5 weeks to sell over 700k - however, I think if "Especially for you" had been released a couple of weeks earlier - it would have probably sold more in 1988 rather than having it's sales split over two years - I think it sold 900k overall in 1988/1989
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