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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. New Order brought some Madchester to the pops, Bernard with his baggy Joe Bloggs outfit doin some Bez dancing.
  2. I really do have an soft spot for Downtown '88. Sounds like a Hit Factory makeover for one thing.
  3. Downtown '88 was remixed by Peter Slaghuis AKA Hithouse of 'Jack To The Sound Of The Underground'
  4. Bernard did look like he was off his tits there, though not as much a when they did Blue Monday on TOTP.

    Four Letter Word is such a piss-poor song, and a terrible vocal from Kim. Why on God's earth did she think it was a good follow-up for the glorious Never Trust a Stranger?

    Christ, I can't fucking bear Cliff Richard.
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  5. I say this with love but delete your account.
  6. Cliff can just do one!! #beigemusic
  7. Also - Morten Harket as sailor. Nnggngff.
  8. I was never that fond of 'Four letter word', ballad Kim never did it for me. Yeah, moody Kim like Cambodia and Child come away are great but I prefer my Kim bops uptempo.
  9. The Bimbo Jones gay-ery of it all.
  10. I much prefer Four Letter Word to Never Trust A Stranger..
  11. Mistletoe & Wine is trash of the highest order but not here for Cliff Cancellation - Devil Woman, We Don't Talk Anymore, Wired For Sound, A Little In Love, My Pretty One, Some People are all top quality MOR bangers.
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  12. And that's what I find so curious about him when watching TOTP. He thinks he's an original rock'n'roller (which is guess he was) who managed to put out quality modish MOR music, yet he often indulged in cheesy schlager trash - and then he has this weird theatrical OTT stage presence - and all wrapped up in this good-looking, metrosexual self-care bachelor boy evangelical Christianity image. It's weird (or perhaps weird looking at it through 2019 eyes).
  13. Misteltoe was the first Cliff single I simply could not abide (with me or anyone else). Absolute dreck. Which was a shame, because he'd made some top singles during the era which Private Collection covered (1979-1988).
  14. Cliff's best moment for me, has to be the excellent I Just Don't Have The Heart. SAW delivered and then some here.
  15. Well yes but the likes of 'We don't talk anymore', 'Wired for sound' and 'The only way out' are top bops.
  16. Stop! DEFINITELY the perfect example of a bop that song.
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  17. Love the ‘88 remix of Downtown. Petula was 56 at the time and was probably genuinely shocked to get a hit at that stage!
  18. Boptown '88 was amazing.
  19. I think you are right there.
  20. She barely looks any older 31 years later!
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