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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. A couple of years back I went to see Marc Almond live with some friends. I've seen him a few times, but I initially wasn't going to see that tour as I just wasn't that big a fan, but someone dropped out so I got a free ticket and went in their place. The first half of the show was Marc doing some old 60s covers and, well it was deathly dull to be frank. Right at the end of the first half he sang 'Something's got a hold of my heart' (a song I've always felt a bit 'meh' about) but suddenly, in comparison to some of the dreary dirges he'd sang, it sounded like the best record ever.
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  2. Just a reminder that Dame Sheena Easton makes her triumphant return to the TOTP studio tonight... and then promptly goes back down the dumper. Can't wait to see her strut her stuff!
  3. Just catching up. Why were Ten City performing to the Underground Mix of That's The Way Love Is, when it was the B-side in the UK? Or did radio play that mix as well in 1989?
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  4. Radio 1 definitely played the Underground mix on the chart countdown.
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  5. That's the only version of that song that I know and the one I have in my iTunes library.

    I'm making a 1989 playlist based on the TOTP repeats each week and it's so good so far!
  6. Considering that tonight's episodes have Sheena Easton in one and Samantha Fox in the other, you should be in good company!
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  7. The BBC4 schedule tonight does look good - sandwiched between the two TOTP's is eye candy Neil Brand presenting a doc about Musicals - and then after the second TOTP's we've got Stewart Copeland's doc "Adventures in Music" - no doubt my other half will be moaning....!
  8. I must admit that I hope BBC4, never falls foul of the so many BBC cuts. Its a gem of a channel for music lovers.
  9. Didn't know Samantha Fox was on too! I love I Only Wanna Be With You so very much and her pink hair is iconic.
  10. From Dusty (1963) to Annie (1979) to Sammy (1989) it's a classic song!
  11. Naturally the Sammy version is my definitive one!
  12. Mine as well. Pure 80s camp fun.
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  13. I find his documentaries illuminating, even if the genre isn't always my thing. The musicals series is a case in point.
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  14. BBC4 is probably my favourite channel not only do we get old TOTP, there's so much content with documentaries on Electronic Music, 80s music in the UK, Trailblazers of punk, electronic music, the recent soft cell documentary....all fantastic!

  15. The U.S. A side was the Acieed Mix and in the U.K. it was called the Deep House Mix - the same remix by Steve 'Silk' Hurley. Many compilations seem to prefer the Deep House Mix/Extended Version (6:47) but the superior Underground Mix/Extended Version (8:10) can only be found on the original 3" CD single and on the album Foundation.

  16. Some of my favourite 12 inch mixes from the time
  17. Wait is one of those songs that you forget about and only remember how good it is when you play it again. Kym Mazelle has one of my favourite diva voices.
  18. Lots to enjoy that's for sure.
  19. The Yacht Rock doc. was very interesting!
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  20. BE60A762-A6E0-45CA-A9D4-2BD7400D1422.jpeg

    What are everybody’s favourite albums from 1989?
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