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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Oh the within a few years - a lot of singers went on to do their vocals "live"!
    As for two many people in the band (Soul II Soul) for the TOTP Production Team to handle - they managed it just fine with Dexys Midnight Runners, Kool and the Gang, UB40, Beggar and Co. and not forgetting St Winifred's School Choir!
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  2. Still rather bizarre as she had sung Keep On Movin' live two months before. And Pat Kane did it twice in earlier episodes?
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  3. Thanks. Totally ridiculous! Clannad had a very busy stage in that episode.
  4. wonder Bono had to perform from inside the double bass!
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  5. I really find artists who insisted on singing live in Top Of The Pops, annoying to be honest.
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  6. Depends who they were, I mean you couldn't have Whitney on and expect her to mime!
  7. True, there's an exception.
  8. Several who have sung live have been fantastic - Mick Hucknall, Gloria Estefan, Tom Jones etc. I'd rather someone be live and patchy than mime badly.
  9. I've noticed that no-one has sung live in the past few episodes - perhaps there was clampdown/it was stopped?
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  10. It rather sounds like nobody could quite make their mind up behind the scenes about whether or not artists should be encouraged to sing live – why Soul II Soul should have been singled out to be stopped seems a particularly bizarre choice, given than Caron Wheeler had already sung live in the studio before.
  11. I guess the studio just wasn’t properly set up for live performances and would’ve been more work for sound engineers and the rehearsal time increased? From my memory it wasn’t until maybe late 91/early 92 the live vocals became a “thing”.... I loved it when it went live and seeing who could and who couldn’t actually sing!

    One early memory for me was the 1st ever live vocal I’d heard from Bananarama..... and thinking sh#t they need a 3rd vocalist as was so weak..... love the song though and they looked amazing!

  12. Hello New Order!

  13. You are Mel Brooks and I claim my £5 record token.
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  14. I prefer Be With You to Eternal Flame these days, probably because the latter has been overplayed to death.

    Not enough Susanna Hoffs though

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  15. The middle 8 of Eternal flame is heavenly though.
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  16. I never stay awake that long.
  17. There is a light that never goes out...for me for that song!
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  18. I will never like Eternal Flame. Never.
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  19. You blew that one out for good then?
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  20. The documentary implied that, if they were asked at the point they hit Number 1 then permission would be automatically granted.

    However, they were asked as the song made its debut and didn’t have the clout to make the ultimatum.

    Jazzie B returned the favour when they hit Number 1 and the show was begging them to come and perform live...
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