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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. BIB – also featured briefly in the LA Mix video: legendary Record Mirror disco/club/DJ columnist James Hamilton (that's him saying 'But not for long').

    The other unexpected appearance in a video, this time from someone who would become a household name: Glenn Murphy, famous for his role in London's Burning, seen last night in the Eartha Kitt/Bronski Beat video (he's the one in the black dinner suit who was with Eartha herself at the very end of the section shown).
  2. BIB – 'Let It Roll' is indeed a club classic and way better than that very generic video WEA came up with, which looked two years out of date back in 1989.

    That track was mixed by Vaughan Mason – AKA Raze – who died recently.
  3. I used to fancy the pants off James Hamilton in that video back in 1989 and literally freeze-framed my recording from the chart show so I could lust over him.....
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  4. We are all catching EG's pun disease!

    My ZYX cd single is Raze featuring Doug Lazy, i had forgotten that. Odd it ended up on WEA, as they werent known for licensing club tracks particularly.

    Yep after 45 minutes of Waterfront, pleasantly bland is still the opinion and as you say way too late to the party but that might have been Polydor? Nature of Love probably would have been a massive hit in Jan 1988.
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  5. I wonder what your BPM were at that point.
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  6. Yes, the sound levels/production are uneven at times, especially on the second half of the album. The earlier material like Broken Arrow and their eponymous song feel like they belong on a different record (good spot with Wired For Sound!); the same thing happened with Climie Fisher and JHJ's albums, of those things which happens when a flop band eventually breaks through and the debut contains said flops.

    Despite all the cliches, there's not much on the album to dislike.
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  7. Could be wrong, but I think Nature Of Love was another earlier single....they re-issued it post Cry.
  8. Very good!
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  9. According to Wiki both "Nature of love" and "Broken Arrow" peaked at Number 63 in the UK Chart and "Move on" peak at 76. I got a feeling the former two singles were released twice - before and after "Cry"

    (The) Waterfront is the Name of an 80's Simple Minds single and both Godley and Creme (Cry) and ABC (Broken Arrow) share the same title for an 80's single as the band Waterfront!
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  10. BIB – 'Let it Roll' was released on Atlantic in the States first, so WEA here wouldn't have to license anything. They had automatic rights to release it in the UK and were by 1989 making some effort here with other artists signed to WEA stateside (notably Ten City) … in contrast to 1986, when they let this Madonna/Nu Shooz-esque banger slip through the net:

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  11. Excuse my ignorance but what does BIB mean?
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  12. Bit In Bold …
  13. Thanks!
  14. You're very welcome!
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  15. Bloody Interesting Bit.
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  16. Yes, I think you're right. Cry was a hit in the US before it was a hit in the UK.

    'Flop Band Breakthroughs' sounds like a great title for a Popjustice Forum thread...
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  17. Just catching up with the first episode now.

    They played all but one song between 27-33! Very very thin on studio performances this week isn't it? Wonder why they couldn't have convinced Norman Cook or Kirsty McColl or even Simply Red into the studio. I suspect if they had then some of the other videos would have been hacked back to "Breakers" status especially Gloria Estefan (thank god it wasn't), LA Mix and De La Soul, possibly Simply Red aswell.
  18. It was almost rarer for a new act to smash straight away in the 80s....Wet Wet Wet and TT D'arby were exceptions...and Living In A Box. Not sure about T'Pau; they fell into the "big first in US" but Heart & Soul may well have been their very first UK single when issued in the summer of 87.

    For others, it could be several flops before that breakthrough came:

    Hue & Cry
    Johnny Hates Jazz
    Curiosity Killed The Cat
    Then Jerico
    Danny Wilson
    Deacon Blue

  19. BIB (yeah, that again!) – totally, and you have to wonder if anyone above Paul Ciani was watching TOTP and wondering what had happened to the show. It once thrived on studio appearances that would create new stars and set new trends – Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Adam & The Ants, Jeffrey Daniels' dance routine to Shalamar – and so letting promo videos dominate TOTP as much as they did in the last two editions we've seen seems a very strange move indeed. I can understand why some US acts might not have been available but, as you say, it should have been possible for Kirsty MacColl, Simply Red and/or Norman Cook to appear in the studio. You can kind of see why the 1991 revamp happened, even if they made a mess of it.
  20. Bros and Deacon Blue were particularly fortunate in being signed to CBS at the time, who were relentless in pushing new acts until they broke through, by whatever means (even giving Bros acid house remixes!).

    What a contrast with now: I heard the other day that EMI dropped Roisin Murphy after one album, even though that reached the Top 20. Unbelievable.
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