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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Save Up All Your Tears is the best of the lot!
  2. Also in my top 5.
  3. It's criminal that it stalled at #37 in both the UK and US. Shoulda been massive!
  4. Where. Is. Heart. Of. Stone?
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  5. With Bucks Fizz!
  6. Reported.
  7. The shoop shoop song anyone?
  8. No.
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  9. I Found Someone UK #5 / US #10
    If I Could Turn Back Time UK #6 / US #3

    Yes in the US the latter did better. I was talking about the UK although their chart runs in the top ten are fairly similar, Time had a bit more longevity.

    I think it boils down to the iconic video doesn’t it?

    Love & Understanding
    I Found Someone
    Heart Of Stone

    is my trilogy of choice.
  10. Oh wow, I've remembered the US peaks not UK, shows where my head was in 1988/89!
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  11. UK top 40 new entries for September 1989

  12. If I Could Turn Back Time.
    Love And Understanding.
    One By One.
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  13. Very good song.
  14. Sep 1989 was so good. The number of great albums that month was amazing.
  15. Yes. This should be in my top 3 too. That album is very underrated.
  16. I just played a Paula Abdul song, If I Were Your Girl, from her third album and it was very similar to Jacko's "Librarian" Girl, especially towards the end.

    I guess i'm posting it in here because that video was on TOTP a few weeks back!
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  17. Wish someone would swat that W.A.S.P...
  18. Another great gem.
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  19. What sort of world is it when you get full appearances from Big Fun and Damian, 2 of the most pointless covers ever (in my eyes and ears), a cartoon rabbit doing a medley of songs from the days when everything was in black and white and yet we only get a couple of minutes of Sowing the seeds of love, which was by far the best song in the first programme.

    Other standouts were Starlight, Janet (that choreography!) and Depeche Mode,

    Time warp is one of my most hated songs ever, it's up there with It's raining men, I am what I am and I Will Survive

    *hands back gay card*
  20. 1) I Found Someone
    2) Save Up All Your Tears
    3) Love & Understanding
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