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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.


    Also... if Janet Jackson is on, I need to go and watch my recorded TOTP
  2. It's BIB time again …

    BIB1 – OMG Gary Davies and the line about 'The Time Warp' being a bit hit in 'clubs in the North' … a whisker away from that classic (oh so many) Victoria Wood line: 'We'd like to apologise to people in the North – it must be awful for them'.

    BIB2 – I recall very well being appalled by the low chart position for 'Miss You Much' (and pretty much every single from Rhythm Nation 1814) in the UK. So many pop injustices, and yes, that choreography was SMOKIN'!

    BIB3 – did you really hate them all when they were first released? Or has familiarity bred contempt for you? 'Time Warp' aside (way aside!), I'd stand by the other three you mention … but I do think we've been overexposed to them all.
  3. (Personal) Jesus.....Depeche TFF and Janet all in one show. The peak of my 1989 right there (chartwise, my beloved Blue Nile wouldn't get a look in).
  4. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I'm really enjoying these at the moment. I rememeber this era so well.
  5. I’m still recovering from the fact Eurythmics were in the studio miming. That performance was a mess. No wonder it limped apologetically to #26 the next week.

    I notice we haven’t had the switch to the Heather Small “remix” of Ride On Time yet which I think happens around the second or third week at number one?
  6. Ouch.
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  7. Given it doesn’t even make the top 40 and will never be featured on the show (which is criminal) here is #45 for w/e 09/09/89, my favourite Elton John song:

    Meanwhile two horrible covers and a cartoon rabbit dancing to badly sampled 60s songs are in the top ten.
  8. Back in the days when Elt still couldn't get a hit, however good the records were. If only his luck could change somehow.
  9. Think this got to #13 or thereabouts in the US at least?
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  10. Yes, the first 2 singles, actually the first three, all went top 30 there. #12 for Healing Hands, going on memory, but could be wrong!
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  11. Healing Hands #13
    Sacrifice #18
    Club At The End Of The Street #28

    Meanwhile in the UK none made the top 40 and the album enters at #6 behind Jason Donovan’s album in its twentieth week. Might have to do something drastic....
  12. #6 for the album, without a hit, was a big rebound after the previous few years. His sales tanked with Leather Jackets, the 1987 Live in Australia set didn't really sell (despite spawning a Top 10 single), and then Reg Strikes Back did slightly better but still only #18 and about 6 weeks on the Top 100. There was a bit of promo fuss around Sleeping with the Past, people were hailing it as a return to form and it had a sort of theme to it, as in being like An Innocent Man was for Billy Joel....a romp through various genres and styles, drawing on music he and Bernie loved as kids.
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  13. Also remember that new albums from Eurythmics, Rolling Stones and Aerosmith were released the same week, so with a kinder schedule Elt might have notched up a Top 5 or even Top 3 debut.
  14. Add Proud Mary to that list!
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  15. I’ve always hated them, those songs are like nails down a blackboard.

    #justiceforJanet seeing absolutely tripe getting into the top 10 and miss you much didn’t even go top 20
  16. Note: Gary Davis said that Depeche Mode have a new album coming out called "Wild!" - someone can't tell their Depeche Mode from their Erasure! One psychological drama after another!
  17. OK, so a great start for the last ever 80s Summer edition for Top Of The Pops. But enough about having DILF Gary Davies as sole host looking more gorgeous than ever...

    Big Fun are back! And more Big Fun than ever it would seem. Even more vibrant than their first performance too. Really do love this, know I shouldn't but do. They were just fab.

    Black Box-closer to the #1 spot than ever and just like Big Fun, an even better helpings second time round. 80s dance classics don't get any better than this.

    Tina Turner-My excitement seeing this in the chart countdown at #31 with another fabulous picture of Ms Turner I had never seen, was alot to say the least. Then the video too, great stuff. Rightfully a signature song for her, I know some felt she lost her soul and become a bit too 'Dad Rock' after this, but you can't deny her energy on this. A belter of a song.

    Eurythmics-Wasn't this album some form of comeback for them after the Savage era sort of flopped? More mainstream than their previous work, I wasn't really aware of this song prior to this show. Glad I am though, an total late 80s pop rock earwom.

    Donna Summer-Following a brief showing of the video in the end credits last week, we get more of this SAW and Sumner delight. I find it really hard to pick a favourite single from this great, great, great album, but this may just about top the others. Feels like one of her Disco classics but for an 80s audience. Bliss.

    And all going well until the Time Warp turned up and THAT Bunny at #1 for a 5th week! Still, it has to end at some point surely...

    My thoughts on episode 2 to come!
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  18. Great to see snippets of:
    Sowing the seeds of love
    Miss you much
    Personal Jesus
  19. Watching the video for Love’s About To Change My Heart (a relative flop) for the second time, made me realize that entering the chart highly was somewhat of a poisoned if you entered the chart at number 2 but then stalled (still a massive achievement) then you’d probably appear on TOTP just the once. Kylie and Wouldn’t Change A Thing is a case in point
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  20. Oh dear, first no Gary Davies, instead it's Bruno. And to top it all, my idea of music hell it all present with the first two songs! Really do not like Right Here Waiting especially, one of those songs that a bit like that Beaches song in that it's emotional impact just goes over my head and sends me to sleep.

    Party man-Am no Prince fan, but for some reason, I do have a soft spot for the Batman era singles. There just so bonkers and really can't imagine how anyone other than Prince could make them work somehow. Cool song with video to match.

    Janet Jackson-My favourite single night of so many classics by the legend if ever so slightly underrated legend that is Ms Jackson. I get New Jack Swing wasn't really a thing over here as such when compared to the US, but it does suck how badly the sublime Rhythm Nation era singles did. Total tune and just like Prince, it feels that the American artists knew how to make a great music video far more than us Brits did.

    Jason Donovan-The pop pin up of 1989 is back! Not a bad little pop rock ditty if not the strongest of the Ten Good Reasons singles. A slight change of image too, but Jason was never gonna be cool how hard they tried. And nor should he need to be too. The songs spoke for themselves.

    And at last Black Box were finally #1! Ride On Time to send that Bunny packing at long last! Although as it's still 1989, his reign of terror, wasn't over yet...
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