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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. I agree. It definitely was a double edge sword. Hence why we have seen so little of Kylie with her most recent singles.
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  2. The Big Funner on the left really looked like Jason Donovan.

    That isn't one of Debbie Gibson's finest. The video is so cheesy as well, all those nerds singing round the campfire!

    "Dame" Katrin's miming is terrible! She's particularly bad at the word "temptation". She is stunning though.

    How old was Tina by this point - late 40s? She looks fantastic too. The Best is one of those songs so overplayed I never have any desire to actively choose to listen to it, but hearing it then I was reminded how good it is.

    Revival is one of Eurythmics' forgotten singles. I'm always surprised by how badly their singles were doing by this time. I always thought they had top 10 after top 10 hit.

    I'm with @dancevision and am not a Time Warp fan. I've never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show and have no desire to. I just looked up Damian to see if he was a total one hit wonder and I see this '89 remix was third time lucky after an initial '87 release and '88 reissue. He then had a flop with a cover of Wig Wam Bam, and 18 years later a cover of Video Killed The Radio Star.

    Donna's video with the clock reminds me of something else. Maybe Five Star's Can't Wait Another Minute or Find The Time?

    As a child I found it hilarious that Tears for Fears were called Curt and Roland Orzabel. I don't know why I found that quite so hilarious, but I did. Sowing The Seeds is so lavish and OTT, I love it.

    A fifth week of Jive Bunny at number 1?????? I thought it was only 3 or 4 weeks max. HELL.
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  3. Oh god, I’d completely forgotten about Wig wam bam, I don’t think I’ve heard it since it was released, thankfully
  4. Just been playing Miss You Much, followed by it's 7'' House mix and it's great B-Side You Need Me. Makes me more annoyed how this single flopped hard here even more. They really did try to push it on multi format with various remixes.
  5. Yes this has been very apparent to me over the weeks. Feels like we’ve had Numero Uno and Alyson Williams every week because they kept climbing. High entries, particularly by American acts who only get a brief showing of their video, like Express Yourself, are never seen again! The only way you can get 2 weeks in a row is if you get the outro slot like Donna did last week. I think they also had a rule that if you did a studio performance you can be on the week after your video was shown? (that was when studio performances were their preferred option - not sure that’s the case by late 89?)
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  6. Yes, Savage hadn't been very successful (by their lofty standards); just the one Top 20 single. It still went platinum (40 wks on chart) but the albums previously had gone multi-platinum. It was a conscious move to be more commercial, but I don't know how much their hearts were in it; they split not long after and there's really only one memorable single on the record (Don't Ask Me Why).
  7. I assume Fish left Marillion then? Or he just had a massive makeover cos that didn't look anything like the man who sang Kayleigh!

    Richard Marx's massive bouffant hair!! I say it every week but the US male acts had such badly dated style in comparison to the UK ones. It's like he's from the early to mid 80s rather than almost in the 90s. Then again, Bruno Brooks' hair isn't much better.

    Numero Uno sounds more like Theme from S'Express than Ride On Time. If I had to guess that it was the same work as another big hitmaker I'd have said S'Express rather than Black Box. Still, it's a choon and one I'd not heard for years until last week or so on these repeats. Is the wailing female vocal Aretha Franklin? It sounds like her to me.

    I love Partyman! And the bit in Batman where it's used in such a memorable scene. Prince's half Joker half Prince look possibly inspired the look of Tommy Lee Jones' Two Face in Batman Forever.

    Hearing Personal Jesus has reminded me of an early Youtube video I watched, where some uneducated music fan was claiming that Jamelia's Beware of the Dog had totally ripped off Marilyn Manson's song Personal Jesus!! This teenage emo fool didn't know that the MM song was a cover, and that Jamelia had legitimately sampled the original Depeche Mode version.

    There are a few Rhythm Nation singles I have no recollection of from the time and Miss You Much is one of them (along with Alright and Love Will Never Do (Without You)). Maybe I was aware of it but the video being so interchangeable with Rhythm Nation just got me confused, .... black and white, slick synchronised dancing, an industrial setting ...

    So nice to see Jive Bunny knocked off his hutch finally.
  8. 1989 really was a great year. I think it’s when I really became obsessed with music. The 1st episode was really good.
    Big Fun as always were, big fun! Loved their routine and that they clearly didn’t take things too seriously.
    The Debbie Gibson track I am semi familiar with. It seems more bubblegum/lightweight than I recall though. I never fully followed her but nice track.
    Black Box doing Ride On Time as they ascended the chart was another good performance. Classic dance track and nice to hear the original non Heather Small vocal.
    Tina - The Best.... not a favourite of mine but credit to her she sells the life out of the song and of course it’s become her signature hit.
    I’d forgotten Revival by Eurythmics. Very Prince sounding to my ears. I wish they’d tour again. Even just a few mega stadium shows.
    I really think had Donna Summer come over to the UK the single would’ve been another top 10 hit. It’s just such a triumph of a track.
    Damian and The Time Warp was a well deserved novelty hit after being around so long! Great fun memories.
    Partyman by Prince was an improvement on Batdance but far from a classic.
    Already discussed Alyson Williams. Still adore this track.
    As others have discussed it’s a real pop injustice that Janet and her RN1814 singles flopped so bad. An absolute classic kicking the era off and deserved so much more!
    As for Jason (looking every inch the teen idol) and Every Day - another great single. He was at his peak and SAW clearly writing for him specifically by now. I really do think they missed a trick not releasing You Can Depend On Me as a single though - I think it could’ve bagged him another #1.
    And thankfully by the end of the episode Black Box finally disposed of the wretched Bunny!
  9. Ha, yes Fish and the band fell out big time. I covered it a bit in my write-up for Sugar Mice on my blog recently.

    The classic "musical differences". He wanted to be less prog, they thought his ideas were shit. So they got a new singer. Hooks In You doesn't really reflect where they were headed with the next few albums. It's rather straight-ahead lad rock. Steve Hogarth found his niche by the next album, and they went from strength to strength.
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  10. I imagine it's been posted in the thread before, but Katrin's iconically bad attempt at actually singing has to be heard to be believed:
  11. We Too Are One is a very uneven album. The title track, and quite a bit of side two (You Hurt Me, Sylvia, When The Day Comes Down) are pretty strong but parts of it feel like they’re going through the motions, some of the singles particularly so. Revival and King and Queen of America sound like rewrites of other people’s songs more than original songs of their own (and not in a good way). Songs designed for the charts but in an oddly lifeless way. Curious when Savage was so stunning. Agree it felt like a deliberate reaction to Savage’s underperforming ‘art’, to shift to more commercial ‘product’.
  12. Hogarth later said that he wishes they'd changed the band name at this point, and I can see why - they still get pilloried for being "prog dinosaurs" and "Genesis soundalikes" decades later. Whilst neither version of the band is really to my taste, there's no doubt in my mind that Marillion Mk 2 is where the real quality is.
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  13. I still prefer Fish-era Marillion, the artwork and his lyrics are such a key part of the whole thing. Clutching At Straws is just a masterpiece. But they were a true band, without their musicality Fish wasn't the same for me.So Mk II had that musicality which kept me hooked (as it were), and then once I'd adjusted to Hogarth's different approach and sound, I loved them almost as much. Just different.
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  14. I just checked out the singles for this album, and they didn't seem to set the world alight either, judging by their chart positions.
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  15. No, We Too.. was the first Eurythmics album since the debut, not to have a Top 20 UK hit. They all peaked in the 20s. Total averageness.
  16. Eurythmics seemed to switch from being a singles act to an albums act in the latter half of the 80s. It happened between Be Yourself Tonight and Revenge (Thorn In My Side aside).

    Actually looking at all their peaks 20-30 region was pretty standard for their singles 1986-1990 so Revival did as expected. It’s still their least listenable single for me.
  17. Angel, I am only aware of from it appearing in The Diana Years, a Sky documentary years back, that looked back at well, the years Princess Di was in the spotlight, with lots of allegedly, her own favourite songs from the times, as it's soundtrack. Lots of theirs was included in it too, The Miracle Of Love being another example. Funny what you remember!
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  18. I posted this before and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. I mean the audacity that she even attempts those songs with a live vocal is madness but very amusing!
  19. I must admit that have never been too keen on the Heather Small version of Ride On Time. The whole thing seems a bit off.
  20. I bought the We Too Are One album in 1989. I remember listening to it a lot - but getting a feeling of sadness coming from the album - as if there was something that was troubling them?
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