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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Yes, I think you’re right about the overall mood. A bit forlorn perhaps, underneath the gloss? And another reason why the more upbeat singles aren’t too convincing... I always imagine them listening to a Bonnie Tyler / Jim Steinman number and desperately trying to ape it to produce something a bit more jolly - ta da! And there we have “King and Queen of America...”
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  2. Watching "Revival" on TOTP just now and I frankly felt embarrassed for them. They must have known they'd reached the end of the road if that was the best they could offer.
  3. But my memory of it at the time was that everyone seemed to lap it up because they were a “quality” pop act. And the album had a bit of a buzz (perhaps as something your parents might buy and you wouldn’t altogether mind listening to) and sure enough debuted at number one I think.
  4. Personally, I couldn't stand Eurythmics when they were trying to be "rock" or "soul". If they aren't chained to the Movement Drum Computer or the Synclavier, the songs suffer. At least we have one last rally with "Don't Ask Me Why" coming up.
  5. Such a shame Donna Summer didn't promote LATCMH. It dropped down the chart after the video showing. She looked amazing in the videos directed by Dieter Trattmann.
  6. I agree, and as already been mentioned, a Top Of The Pops studio performance, could have seen it make the top 10.
  7. Yes, I much prefer synth Eurythmics by and large. Though I do like a good chunk of Be Yourself Tonight (less so the thunking rock numbers, though, which perhaps just means I much prefer synth Eurythmics!). Though as I do love I Need A Man, I Saved The World Today, Never Gonna Cry Again and Belinda, it can’t just be the instrumentation - they must also often switch songwriting approach to something a bit more hackneyed when they put the synths in the cupboard.
  8. I listened to Another Place and Time for the first time in years last night. It was a pretty euphoric experience. SAW were absolutely making an effort for Donna!
  9. They absolutely did. Their holy trinity of albums for me, is this, WOW! by Bananarama and Kylie by well, Kylie!
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  10. I’ve never tried to develop a SAW holy trinity and it’s too late to start now. I’ve always loved WOW! and FLM but the discovery of Dead Or Alive’s two SAW masterpieces has thrown a right spanner in the works!
  11. Yes, it debuted at#1 on a very tough week (new Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Elton albums also released). They hadn't debuted at #1 before, funnily enough, so there was obviously a vibe amongst the public that was ready to embrace the hype surrounding the record. I used to have to make a want-list every week, for my folks to go and get the new CDs for me as I was bed-bound, and I'd have to put them in order of most-wanted etc, in case something wasn't in stock, so it would be "the first 2 or 3" or whatever, working down the list. We Too Are One obviously went right at the top for that week, but it didn't become a favourite that year. Or since.
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  12. Revival is awful. However, Dont Ask Me Why is a total classic. I still like We Too Are One though.

    Sleeping With The Past and Reg Strikes Back are truly brilliant albums. For me, he never hit those heights again, with possible exception of Songs From The West Coast.
  13. Don't Ask Me Why is indeed brilliant. Wasted as the 2nd single just before Xmas.
  14. My SAW holy trinity remains:
    Rhythm of love

    Great albums where any track could have been a single!
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  15. I think I'd have to agree with these three.
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  16. Yeah – talk about crimes against pop music …

    I have just found out that I know at least one person who did rather more than the 'Time Warp' with Damian – I'm sure there's one line from the chorus which would have been fitting at the time …
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  17. Did they? I got very confused with the UK releases of the singles from Rhythm Nation – they didn't sync with the US releases and the remixes here were different (why did they bother with CJ Mackintosh and not just put all the ones done by the legendary Shep Pettibone?).
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  18. I agree – give me 'Love Is A Stranger' or 'Sexcrime' any day …
  19. I think Annie blew what was left of her genius with Savage.
  20. I would love it to have, but listening to the original PWL mix on the show last night after hearing the Clivillés & Cole mix the other day made me realise how much better the remix is: it may nick bits from Ten City's 'Devotion', but the new bassline is cleaner and more muscular, drives the track in a much more emphatic way and the mix as a whole highlights the song's strengths – just like their remix of 'Pink Cadillac' for Natalie Cole, which stripped out most of the original instrumentation and turned the track into a house banger. WEA should have issued that – although I suspect SAW would have had a fit if they had …
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