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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Yet another song of theirs used on The Diana Years. Hope they got royalties.
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  2. The only song I didn't like on Medusa was Take Me To The River, her version was just wrong on every level. I was about 15 when it came out and didn't know any of the other originals except A Whiter Shade Of Pale and Waiting In Vain, so that probably affected my perception (versus that of the critics, most of whom tore it to shreds).

    I've never listened to Bare; is it worth a shot?
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  3. The only track I took from Medusa was Don’t Let It Bring You Down (the cold theatricality makes it entirely separate from Neil Young).

    In fact, “cold theatricality” probably best sums up Annie as an artist - great when the material suits that, not so great when she’s striving for soulful (see all her latter day work).
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  4. I really like Medusa. I didn’t know many of the originals beforehand other than A Whiter Shade of Pale.
    Nothing from Bare has ever really registered with me despite buying it at the time. I can sort of recall one track called Bitter Pill whose intro sounded a bit like that Mary J Blige song which Romeo & Christina Milian sampled on It’s All Gravy!
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  5. I found Medusa a huge let down after the brilliant Diva. It didn’t help that she chose songs I didn’t particularly like. I think Waiting In Vain is my highlight and I still like No More I Love Yous.

    Bare is def worth a listen. I love it. Pavement Cracks, Wonderful, Honestly & Loneliness are my favourites. Lots of angst and misery.
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  6. Revival is awful, has to be my least favourite Eurythmics single. Such a comedown after the majestic Savage.

    I must be the only person in the world who likes The Timewarp, that and Blame It On The Boogie were staples at the first gay club I went to back in the 90s so they have that nostalgic factor for me.

    Nice to see Debbie Gibson's last UK hit We Could Be Together (bar a Grease cover in the 90s!), even if it is a little naff compared to her singles run from her debut album.

    The rest of Friday's episodes were divatastic with Donna Summer, Tina Turner and Janet Jackson.

    And finally Black Box dethroned Jive Bunny to which I say

  7. Medusa has The Downtown Lights (albeit the worst of the 3 versions out there), and her cover of No More I Love Yous worked amazingly well. The rest...hmmm.
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  8. When I first got Electric Youth, we could be together was the standout track. But by the time it was released it lost its sparkle. But there was literally nothing else worth releasing.
  9. Only an icon!

    This never gets old. I love how they turn her microphone off a minute in and it reverts to Martha Wash's vocal.
  10. I wondered why the vocals improved! My favourite bit is the 16s mark where Katrin's voice just croaks and gives up
  11. Can you imagine if Ride On Time had been #1 in the "everyone must sing live" era?!
  12. Ha! What an thought that is indeed.
  13. EG, your chart reminds me that it was sad ver' Spands struck out twice in August, Raw in 88 and Be Free in 89 deserved to chart, both good contemporary pop songs.
  14. I charted the album at #1, straight in on the week of 30/9....ahead of Janet's RN1814 and Tina's Foreign Affair. I stayed loyal!
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  15. The fact that she's dressed like an intern from Edina Monsoon's office is the icing on the cake.

    Can't wait for Cappella's unmissable Move On Baby performance. Not one note is hit.
  16. I’ve revisited Rhythm of Love again today. It’s been a long time! The SAW stuff is top-tier, but of the other contributors, I’m not sure the Stephen Bray and Michael Jay material entirely cuts the mustard, though one of the Stephen Bray ones has a magnificent key change in the middle eight. One Boy Girl manages to hold its head up amid the SAW material. I wonder how SAW reacted when the non-PWL tracks came in? Is the fact that they were “competing” with other producers the reason their material is so good?
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  17. I've thought this since day one, too, and it's why the album never quite features in my all-time lists.The SAW stuff is sublime enough to almost carry the rest, but only almost.
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  18. I was shocked (album version) back in August 1988/89 when both singles failed to make the top 40 - my Retrochart will correct that!
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  19. Wait why have I never registered Michael Five Star Jay and Shep Madonna Pettibone we’re involved in that album? Why have I never registered all five of the best songs were SAW? Did SAW allow other producers on any other albums?
  20. For some reason I took the urge to listen to Black Box's cover of Fantasy earlier.

    Maybe weeks of lockdown have fried my brain, but I MUCH prefer it to the Earth, Wind and Fire original.
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