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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. That’s because it’s amazing and sung by Martha Wash.
  2. Shep Pettibone involved in Rhythm of Love?
  3. I was tempted to say “Pop Life” by Bananarama, but that’s me being naughty!

    (And, replying to Blod, I think Phoenix123 means Stephen “Madonna” Bray)
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  4. Shep's Preacher Man mix, is amazing.
  5. One of his very best mixes. It always makes me wish he had remixed more Bananarama songs!
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  6. Same here, I know he did Ready Or Not too, but that's a bit meh that one.
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  7. Doh! Yes I had a brain freeze referring to Madonna collaborators.
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  8. I’m clearly having a SAW binge now. As I said, I know and love WOW!, FLM, Youthquake, Mad Bad & Dangerous To Know, Another Place and Time and Rhythm of Love. I own, but don’t love, Please Yourself and the first Rick Astley LP. What other SAW albums are worth a listen?
  9. I know the Sonia album is very popular. I only know the five singles although I have the album. Perhaps we should give it a listen together?!

    The second Rick Astley album might be worth a listen too. I remember thinking his first two albums were on a par.
  10. Lonnie Gordon’s If I Have To Stand Alone is worth a listen - several bops à la Happening All Over Again on there, the title track being one of them.
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  11. Boy Krazy by Boy Krazy. The alas flop girl group from the early 90s, of which were one of the last acts to have a single written by the whole SAW trio before Matt Aitken left.
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  12. If you like the early HiNRG SAW sound the Divine album Maid In England is a good listen.

    I also have a soft spot for Hazell Dean's Always, full of bops!
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  13. Oh! I forgot about the two Hazel Dean albums. I have them already. They’re good!
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  14. The Sonia album is very strong, it didn't disappoint too much back in the day (wasn't a huge fan of Countin Every Minute, that did for her successful chart run on my top 40). And maybe unpopular opinion alert, but the 2nd Jason album is a good listen.
  15. The Sonia album is stellar, every song could have been a single.

    I'm also a big fan of Kylie's much maligned Let's Get To It, especially the expanded deluxe reissue which includes all the amazing RaveKylie B-sides.
  16. Let's Get To It, is CRIMINALLY underrated.
  17. Agreed! I've always liked it since 1991. Great collection of funky dance tracks for the most part.

    I had no idea it was so unpopular till I came on here!
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  18. Same, on both counts.
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  19. Did the chart run and poor sales not give you a hint? Hehe
  20. Hmmm food for thought! I must admit, I have a mental barrier to Sonya. So it’s intriguing to hear the album is so strong. I’m much more easily pushed into a Kylie recommendation, and I’ve always liked the Lonnie Gordon track.
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