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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. And only one of them was chronic!
  2. Jam Tronik?

    Oh, think twice
    it’s just another day for you and me in paradise

    The “ah yeah” is like David Brent’s “shamone” in Get The Party Started!

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  3. Speaking of Stone Roses, they just peaked at #5 in my chart.

    Retrochart w/e 23/09/89 draft

    01 [​IMG] 01 01 02 Cherish | Madonna SECOND WEEK AT NUMBER ONE
    02 [​IMG] 06 02 05 Ride On Time | Black Box
    03 [​IMG] 13 03 02 Miss You Much | Janet Jackson

    04 [​IMG] 02 02 03 Everyday (I Love You More) | Jason Donovan
    05 [​IMG] 09 05 05 We Could Be Together | Debbie Gibson
    06 [​IMG] 03 01 05 Just Don't Have The Heart | Cliff Richard
    07 [​IMG] 04 01 08 Wouldn't Change A Thing | Kylie Minogue
    08 [​IMG] 10 08 03 Sowing The Seeds Of Love | Tears For Fears
    09 [​IMG] 11 09 05 Knocked Out | Paula Abdul

    10 [​IMG] 07 05 04 Love's About To Change My Heart | Donna Summer

    11 16 11 02 The Best | Tina Turner
    13 22 13 01 Healing Hands | Elton John
    16 23 16 01 Lovesong | The Cure
    17 24 17 01 Personal Jesus | Depeche Mode
    18 27 18 01 Right Here Waiting | Richard Marx
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  4. Stone roses first album is one of my All time favourite albums ever but they passed my 18/19 year old Madonna/SAW obsessed self by at the time. I didn't hear it until around 1996 and became obsessed by it. It's literally perfect.
  5. It's probably one of those "classic" albums that leave me underwhelmed. See also: Screamadelica.
  6. The Stone Roses album doesn’t even have all the early hits on it, there were like three stand alone singles interspersed with the six? singles from the album and the final single was released in 1992.

    Practically Jacksonesque stringing out of the hits.

    Obviously at the time I was bopping to Kylie, Sonia and Black Box etc but Stone Roses are far more nostalgic for that time period for me now and head and shoulders above the rest of that turn of the decade Madchester stuff like Happy Monday’s and Inspiral Carpets.
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  7. It was complicated by the band leaving that label (Silvertone) and signing with Geffen. So everything after Fools Gold is basically a cash-grab by the old label. And some of the early non-album singles charted due to the band becoming so popular with Fools Gold. It's messy.
  8. We should all be more Carol Decker.
  9. Screamadelica has 3 great songs at the start then is a bit all over the place.
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  10. Perfect #1!
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  11. You are quite right!

    I'm afraid my loathing of all those scripted talent shows and their bland, identikit offspring knows no bounds – with one exception: Girls Aloud … although I think that is as much if not more to do with production geniuses Xenomania who made them sound brilliant.
  12. I'm not gonna champion Jamtronik – but I LOVED the fact that it upset all those people who took Phil Collins deadly seriously back then!
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  13. Anything that pricked the pomposity of that song was a total win in my book, especially as Collins was at his "I'll leave the country if there's a Labour government but here's a song about how terrible homelessness is, which I wrote on my yacht whilst divorcing my wife by fax" peak.
  14. *forum high five*

    It's perfectly possible there may be some musical value in some of Phil Collins' work, but I'm afraid his whole 'diminutive, average geezer with a twinkle in his eye' act overshadows any of that for me. Add to that an ego the size of a house, some dodgy politics, off-the-scale smugness and it just gets worse.

    And that song is the pits: a lecture from someone who as I understands it owns whole swathes of land in Scotland and has enough money to get quite a few homeless people off the streets but wouldn't dream of doing so? No, ta.
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  15. Sussudio is still a stone-cold bop though...
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  16. Microwaved own-brand instant "1999".
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  17. Hahahahahahaha! That’s what I said, didn’t I?
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  18. Yeah – with none of the potency, sass and star quality.

    The brass section of Earth Wind & Fire can only get you so far …
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  19. GASP
  20. I have a higher tolerance for knock-off own-brands than others, it seems...

    For the record, I despise him as a person and don’t like any other song by him - yet I still can’t deny that this song is amazing.
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