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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Just checked and it looks like the hour long Review Of The 80s from 28 December is being shown on Friday 31st July at 8:00.

    Plus we still have the Christmas day 1989 episode to go.
  2. Anyone remember this 3 hour BBC2 programme shown on New Years Eve, wish I could see that again as I wasn't allowed to stay up until 1:15.
    Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 10.50.11.png
  3. I remember this, I was allowed to stay up as I lived above a pub at the time and couldn't sleep because of the noise, it was this programme I watched when I felt really sad that the 80s were over
  4. I remember a similar programme on BBC TV at the time (it could be the same aforementioned programme!) where The Smiths were in both:
    - The Top 5 Best Acts of the 80's
    - The Top 5 Overrated Acts of the 80's
  5. I wish things like this could be repeated again, especially for those pf us whom have never seen them before first time around. I guess if they ever did though, they would be butchered down into half hour edits just like the We Love The 80's repeats have been. I've seen a a fair few in full on YouTube in the past, and much, much better in their full 1hr and a half glory.
  6. Imagine something like this now. 3 hours of the last decade's music.

    Adele and Ed on a loop.
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  7. I'd rather have a Jive Bunny megamix thank you
  8. EEEK! My ears!
  9. That "Eighties" programme was great. I filled up a E180 VHS tape with it, and must have watched it through a dozen times, only fast forwarding very occasionally. It was really well put together.

    Licensing complications mean it'll probably never be seen again (see also The Rock'N'Roll Years, which was fundamental to my initial understanding of the history of music and the world when I was in my early teens. So much to go off and investigate!)
  10. I always thought the Smiths were a great act in terms of their releases: Great covers, lots of bonus material, no milking an album dry for singles. It was just the actual music part that didn't connect (except this charming man, ask, panic and how soon is now)
  11. I was too busy watching Clive James on New Year’s Eve and the new SexKylie performed.
  12. And who could blame you either?!
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  13. She wasn't full on sexKylie by then. It was only from What do I have to do that sexKylie came into full bloom. It was 'testing the waters' Kylie until then!
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  14. She was an "inbetweener" at that stage!
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  15. She was as close as she could be while still singing I Should Be So Lucky.....

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  16. It was a great program. Like many, recorded and watched many times. Loved the 'changes' sections for duran, Spandau, Eurythmics and Wham! Where they showed about 6 clips from each act. My only gripe was that Kim Wilde and some others like Kershaw, aha and hojo were not included.

    Looking forward to the repeat of the the review of the 80s. The only thing I remember about it is Kim singing you keep me hangin on, in nothing but a black t-shirt.
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  17. !!!!!!!!!!!
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  18. I love this performance and her look here so much. Already a major change in progression in the two years since the single had been released.
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  19. @backstreetjoe would literally spontaneously combust!
  20. Steady tiger....!
  21. If it's the performance I'm thinking of she had a suit jacket over the top.
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