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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Hopefully we will see Flashdance another week, it was just a new entry in the chart rundown this week.

    Irene Cara definitely should have had a bigger career. She had a brilliant voice.
  2. Ooh To Be Aaah.........
  3. An odd follow up. White Feathers is much of a muchness, but I think they could have picked something better than that from it.
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  4. I love Kajagoogoo, but hearing that again now, it's amazing to think it was a Top 10 hit. There's barely a song there. Hang On Now was much superior, but if anything I prefer the post-Limahl era.
  5. I had never heard Ooh To Be Ah and had always wondered why. Since seeing it on TOTP I now know why!
  6. I'd forgotten the video had all those "stars" in it!

    Very weak. Too Shy was fabulous and should have been the start of something proper. But it wasn't.

    I did hear that Nick Beggs wanted Limahl out of the band. Beggs was very religious and didn't approve of Limahl's promiscuous gay lifestyle.
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  7. Is that the reason they sacked him so soon after they hit the big time? So odd and misguided that they thought they could go on to be as successful without the frontman.

    Too Shy is one of the earliest records I can remember loving, it's just so catchy. And I distinctly recall Limahl making me feel funny and I didn't know why when they were always in Look-In magazine!

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  8. Nick Beggs was possibly one of the coolest dudes I have had the pleasure of meeting at/after a gig. He was moonlighting with Howard Jones' band in the 90s, and I spotted him at the bar....I brought up my love for the 2nd Kaja album Islands, expecting him to be embarrassed, but he was proud of the record and we had a good chat about it. We even e-mailed a couple of times. Not long after, at another show on the tour, he bounded over and said hi in a really easy, genuine way. It's funny watching the Kajagoogoo TOTP appearances as by the late 90s Nick looked nothing like that and musically he was on a different planet.
  9. Best Kajagoogoo singles:

    The Lions Mouth
    The Big Apple
    Turn Your Back On Me
    Too Shy.
  10. In a decade of dreadful haircuts Kajagoogoo manage to have some of the worst of the lot!
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  11. You really should be gay. You're totally wasted in the straight world!
  12. His girlfriend might have something to say about that!
  13. I think my girlfriend might beg to differ, haha.
  14. You read my mind!
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  15. Kajagoogoo were one of the gayest looking bands I've ever seen. Just after Brother Beyond and Big Fun. It's hard to imagine any of them "getting with the ladies", though I'm sure they did.
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  16. Erm. I think they were a gay band, no?
  17. All the women were swooning over Nick on that tour (including my Mum!).
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  18. Limahl was ridiculously cute. He even overcame that bright yellow mullet on top of his head to be hot.

    What was the official line for him being sacked at the time? Did he have a bit of an ego on him?
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  19. Kajagoogoo??!!! No, just a poor man's Duran. And I mean that affectionately.
  20. I don't think Nick was at least. Not sure about the others.

    Someone once told me he saw Limahl kissing Mike Nolan from Bucks Fizz in Heaven when the former was 'going steady' with Paul Gambaccini, though.
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  21. I think Limahl's ego was the cited reason. The band couldn't stand to work with him anymore.

    I've often considered getting his Don't Suppose album. Don't know if it's any good or not.
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