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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Kim saved the day when it came to the studio performances
  2. Roll on 1990, I say.
  3. What a thought!
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  4. Gambo was great. Mike Read...hmmmm

    The 80's for the over 35's (in 1989):

    Chris de Burgh
    Shakin' Stevens
    Status Quo
    David Essex
    Phil Collins
    (sorry Boris Gardiner couldn't make it!)

    What about the kids?
    Go on then we'll throw in:
    Kim Wilde

    and we'll throw in Band Aid (the original if you're good!)
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  5. Sad to say but Status Quo and Shaky were the biggest consistent selling UK acts of the 80s. Who else would be willing to come on and sing an old hit? How many of the groups who were really big in the 80s still existed in their original line-up or at all? Others would have simply been to cool for school.
  6. This much is true....!
  7. Wasn't massively keen on the hair, but she looked so pretty!
  8. I fast forwarded pretty much the entire episode, except for a section where they played no more than 10 seconds of Jack Your Body.
  9. I think this is precisely the issue – who would be willing/available to do this show? In that context, I'd say be thankful for Erasure, Kim and Aswad – if it hadn't have been for them, we would probably have ended up with Nick Berry, the Tweets and Joe Dolce.

    What that review did – albeit unwittingly – was demonstrate just how badly TOTP was struggling to compete with promo videos … something which would be recognised far too late to turn the show's ultimate fate around, despite a valiant attempt by mid-90s producer Ric Blaxhill. It was also a bit of a joke in the way it ignored the genre that would outlast many others from the decade – hip hop – and blanked so many great soul/funk tracks, not least this one, which I'd argue constitutes the last truly 'WOW!' moment inside the TOTP studio … in the 80s, at least.

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  10. Just started watching. The one two of Status Quo / Shakin Stevens is rather jarring and I imagine it was the same even in 1989 but Shakin Stevens was the most charted singles act of the 80s unfortunately. His performance though..... was he doped up? Never have I seen someone going through the motions more which is quite remarkable for a show which at this point was almost entirely people going through the motions (with the odd exception - I think Neville & Ronstadt were the last to sing live?).

    Oh my god now David Essex.

    Couldn’t they at least have had some big earlier 80s acts that could have done with the exposure?

    I mean Five Star (or Bucks Fizz if they were still speaking?) would have been perfect for this type of show.

    It’s not like I’m asking for ABBA but this is scraping the barrel one-hit-wonder stuff.

    I do like the little sections like the teen idols and the ageing rock acts.
  11. I would have gone for Duran Duran, they were around at almost the start of the 80s, still having hits in the lower regions of the charts by the late 80s

    I can understand Shaky doing it as reading up about it he was mega successful, but David Essex....really?
  12. That moonwalk is amazing!

    Personally I'd have loved the Tweets, fond memories of Christmas Discos at the workingmens club being dragged up to dance to it

    The shame!
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  13. They’ve just done 1984 dirty. Three songs? One of which was Paul McCartney, I like the song but hardly the defining hit of 1984.

    Paige & Dickson followed by George Michael.... who has the bigger blow dry?
  14. Europe and ZZ Top are defining 80s “metal” but Whitesnake and Guns & Roses are ignored?

    Still waiting for Madonna..... but while we wait Kim will do. I swear she looks pregnant? Fuller in the face at the very least?

    None of these studio acts look like they want to be there singing their old hits.
  15. We’re up to 1988 and it’s a second showing for Cliff Richard..... I swear if Bananarama have been snubbed...... the biggest female group of the decade paid dust. They could easily have been in the studio too.
  16. Bananarama never get their due at the best of times as it is. Not even then too it would be the case.
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  17. There's always something quite fascinating in watching a retrospective show retrospectively, to see what they thought of a certain era (the entire 80s in this case) after a relatively short period of time.

    I'd have liked each of the studio acts to perform their old song as an '89 remix to "bring it bang up to date" - now that'd have been fun, if potentially disastrous!
  18. Yes, I expect she was expecting....she definitely looked bigger.
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  19. At the time I remember being slightly shocked by her appearance as it seemed very different from the glam Close era styling.. She was definitely moving in to her Love Moves era with the longer hair and slight weight gain. Watching again now i personally love her look then.
  20. I didn't like to comment in case people thought I was criticising her, but like you I still think she looked fantastic.
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