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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Musical "faux pas" is the story of TOTP's life!
    "Jocky" Wilson anyone?
    "Martha's Habour"?
  2. Very true!
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  3. I enjoyed the Review of the 80s, Shakin' Bloody Stevens and Status Quo aside. They really were the scourge of the 80s charts. I loved how much they managed to cram into one hour with all the sections for Idols, Synth and Techno (even though that's not what I'd call techno!) Black Box didn't get their credit for biggest seller of 1989 either... Dame Kim was the saving grace of the studio performances, she looked beautiful.

    What a variety of music there was in that hour, we will never see it's like again. 1980 sounded so different to 1989 whereas to me the last 10 years in music are pretty much interchangeable.
  4. 1980 felt very 70s still like 1990 felt very 80s.
  5. It reinforced for me how the 80s didn't begin in earnest until 1983! I really dislike the very early 80s bands like The Jam, The Specials, Madness, UB40 etc. Then from 83 onwards it all sounds so much better to me!
  6. Fixed.
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  7. I nearly said 20! I have a cut off point of 2005 when music stopped being fun and increasingly became the beige Ed Sheeran/Adele/Sam Smith/X Factor tedium of today, that was the last time I was interested in the charts.
  8. Can't argue with that!
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  9. I can! I love 1980 and The Jam, The Specials, Madness, UB40 et al.
    I got into pop music in Sep 1979 - but didn't start keeping a log of the chart until 5th Jan 1980 - so to me 1980 is the blank canvass for my love of the UK Charts! I still think the period 1979 to 1985 was the best (for me) as it contained so much variety and a rapid growth in Music Technology!
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  10. My favourite era of music is 1987-1995, it really does come down to when you are a teenager what music connects with you the most and is "yours", of that I am certain!
  11. My peak years for music were 1983-1987. My favourite era stretches back to 1979 and up to about 1992.
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  12. My music Goldielocks years are from 1979 to 1991 - by 1992 onwards it was all about Albums for me!
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  13. This year could well end being the first year I will have bought no new music.
  14. The last two "new" albums I purchased on their week of release:
    2013 Daf Punk - Random Access Memories
    2010 Goldfrapp- Headfirst
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  15. Oi! Leave Madness alone! They thankfully never went down the UB40 'cover after cover' route! They were my first convert in 1983 so I'll always have a love for them. And even recent stuff like 'Bullingdon boys' shows the relevance of their material:

  16. Madness' run of singles from 1979 to 1986 (23 in all I think) were amazing and they tackled so much subject matter:
    - Depression
    - Messed up school days
    - coming of age and buying condoms
    - mixed race babies
    - misunderstood in relationships
    - theft
    - workaholics
    - motors
    - weather issues
    - homelessness
    - bending over for the US military
    - coming back from the Canaries
    - cruising in Egypt
    - fond memories of your childhood home
    - fame
    - being a has-been

  17. Madness were, are and always will be brilliant

    I read somewhere that the first Madstock, there was that many people dancing and jumping up and down the nearby residents felt the ground shake.......
  18. If you put a gun to my head my core music years are 1986-1992 but my heart can be anywhere between 1983-1998 (ages 5-20) at any one time. I think I started checking out around about 2008/2009 when the last pop girls started surfacing Katy Perry and GaGa. I’m bemused by the fascination with the likes of Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.
  19. I still buy some new CDs (mostly by older acts), but then never listen to them.
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  20. My era of music would be growing from up the late 90's to at least 2006, where if slowly but surely started to take a turn for the worse!
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