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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Quite a good track list on it too.
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  2. This reminded me the the intro to the video version of Janet's When I Think Of You is very similar too.

    I now need a When I Think Of You/We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off/Opposites Attract mash up.
  3. No new TOTP2 again this year, but we get the TOTP Christmas special from 1995 to go with Grace Dent's What We Watched At Christmas, which is a nice bonus!

    08/12 TOTP2 Christmas (2010) 22:05 BBC2
    11/12 TOTP2 Boybands (2012) 02:00 BBC4
    15/12 TOTP2 Christmas (2006) 22:05 BBC2
    16/12 TOTP Christmas Hits (2016) 22:00 BBC4
    18/12 TOTP Christmas (1988) 00:40 BBC4
    *19/12 TOTP Christmas (1995) 19:20 & 02:30 BBC4
    22/12 TOTP Christmas (1984) 01:50 BBC4
    *24/12 TOTP2 Elvis Special (1997) 22:05 BBC4
    *25/12 TOTP Christmas (2020) 11:55 BBC1
    25/12 TOTP2 Christmas (2010) 19:00 BBC4
    25/12 TOTP2 Christmas (2015) 01:20 BBC4
    26/12 TOTP Christmas (1989) 00:30 BBC4
    30/12 TOTP2 New Year Special (2003) 00:30 BBC4
    *31/12 TOTP New Year Special (2020) 16:20 BBC1
    *31/12 TOTP2 Party Special (2001) 22:45 BBC4
    *01/01 Whitney at the BBC 21:00 BBC4

    *new or first repeat
  4. Really looking forward to the 1995 episode - any chance of an appearance from Deuce?!
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  5. Nope
  6. Bugger.
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  7. You'll get Mike Flowers Pops and Jacko and deal with it.
  8. Don't forget that dynamic duo who had two big number Ones that year (clue: it's not the Outhere Brothers!)
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  9. Jerome Jerome, shake the (old people's) home?
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  10. Ew.

  11. Sounds like you're feeling a bit Green....
  12. Eeeek! What a thought too.
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  13. 1995 was a brilliant year for music.

    Yet, appalling for UK number 1 singles. I bought one of them.
  14. 1995 is one of my very favourite years for music, I remember the dance music in the charts being so amazing. Certainly a lot better than 1990 where your two options are either Madchester guitar band or the dreaded slow shuffly dance beat of doom.

    I'm really looking forward to these repeats hitting 1991 where everything got a lot more poptastic (Dannii Minogue, Cathy Dennis, Kym Sims, Rozalla, Cher, Roxette et al).
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  15. 1991, is very much Diva central, and can't wait!
  16. Point in bold - agreed.
    Point not in bold - also agreed.
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  17. 1991 is a big step up from 1990 for me too.
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  18. 1990 is the weakest year of the 90s musically for me. I've been struggling a bit with the repeats but at least I know there is much better to come in 1991. I remember loving so much more music and pop stars that year.
  19. I’ve enjoyed 1990 less than I thought I would but there have been some bangers and bops along the way.

    We’ve still not had Kylie’s 1990 revamp. Or Justify My Love but I doubt we’ll see much of that as the video featured *gasp* homesexuals kissing.
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  20. + sadomasochism + voyeurism + bisexuality
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