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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Rebel MC was great, sad he didn't kai off.

    Don't mean to depress (triger warning) but the Double Trouble story always made me feel nauseous and outraged.
  2. Better World was the only Rebel MC single I really liked. I actually got the 7" of that too.
  3. That Pat & Mick performance was certainly... something.
  4. Yeah they may as well have renamed the show Just Keep Rockin’ Of The Pops for about 6 weeks in 1989.
  5. I wish I could unsee it, along with Sinittas Hitching a Ride

    It's like Fisher price did the video
  6. I didn’t know Phil Collins did an episode of Woof
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  7. Every member of the public dancing round them had more verve and charisma than they did!
  8. Pat and Mick singing a song about the way SAW treated their revolving door of artists
  9. I know this is an extreme statement of the obvious but what an almighty world-ending serve Vogue still is 30 years later.
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  10. Well that was thoroughly uninspiring. Thank god for Vogue. The Jesus Jones song had a good melody, though they were painfully 1990.
  11. Jesus Jones were standouts in a sea of mediocrity

    It's only the dance music and Madonna that's standing out for me, everything else just seems like a hangover from the 80s
  12. Sinitta’s last hit for a couple of years

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  13. Yes there’s lots of 80’s stuff that suddenly feels a bit desperate and stale (hello! Sinitta! Hello SAW!) while the more 90s acts feel embarrassingly, self-consciously trendy. Madonna sitting on top of it all looking like a timeless class act with a truly incredible record.
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  14. The girl on the far right of the stage was getting her life. Best thing on the show by far.

    Obviously stuff from 30 years ago is likely to have dated, but that Sinitta video (and the song, for that matter) belongs firmly in the "crap even at the time" category.
  15. Michael Bolton singing about a breakup with his Missus, she's pissed off because he's been using all the shampoo and he's written a song about it
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  16. The British public were relentlessly subjected to that Dave Stewart song and then had 30 milliseconds of Hold On by En Vogue. Life wasn’t always better back in the day.
  17. Jesus fucking christ that first episode was a nightmare. Turd after turd after turd, with occasional chinks of light via All About Eve and Jesus Jones. Thank god for "Vogue".

    Also, the new graphics are rubbish. Bring back the animated ones. Boo!
  18. Do you think them booking Emma for Eurovision was a mix up? I think they thought they’d booked Sonya!
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  19. They should have done compared to that cheesefest from Emma
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  20. I’m breathing deeply. I found all of that quite traumatising
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