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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

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  2. He's got it...yeah baby he's got it.
  3. Speaking of the Rhythm Nation singles, we should mention the house mixes as well

  4. Band Aid 2 is unintentionally hilarious - it really is terrible, and a feast of bathos. And yet, compared to subsequent versions, it's a masterpiece of tone and style.

    SAW couldn't resist a charity record, but I have to say that their version of "Ferry Cross The Mersey" is definitive - I'm not ashamed to admit that I had a lump in my throat when it was on TOTP last year. This is how invested SAW were in it - they wrote a new section for it. Which, coming from the masters of "we got the mix engineer to chop up the lead vocal over the verse music to create a middle 8", is quite something.
  5. Ferry Aid was far worse than their 1989 efforts. I don’t mind the song but having Kate Bush, Paul McCartney, Su Pollard and Linda Lusardi on the same record was a mess.
  6. Ferry Aid was slightly before my time in terms of watching TOTP and listening to the charts etc, so I dodged that one (although I was vaguely aware of the disaster itself happening)

    As for Band Aid, there's a reason why you only ever hear the original at Christmas nowadays. Not to mention that there are probably more extant careers among that lineup than any of the more recent ones.
  7. Band Aid back in Christmas 1984 did start a trend of "bad" charity singles for "good" causes making it to Number One in the UK for the rest of the decade:

    We are the world
    You'll never walk alone
    Dancing in the street
    Living Doll
    Let it be
    With a little help from my friends
    Ferry 'cross the Mersey
    Do they know it's Christmas (Band Aid II)

    Let's not even think about venturing further down the chart peaks!
    Incidentally my favourite charity record of the decade was "Sun City" by Artists United Against Apartheid!
    A strong message sung with a lot of conviction and passion!
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  8. Three legends on the one record?
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  9. Poor Paul.
  10. Shunted to the back and rightly so.
  11. I think I go back to the House mixes the most to be honest.
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  12. The less said about Jim Kerr's "version" on Live In The City Of Light, the better sadly!
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  13. the latest video from the Professor of Rock about Steve Miller’s’The Joker’

    (I found it interesting at least. It explains where Steve Miller came from, his failing career and the weird lyrics on this song)
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  14. Then there was the number one that should have been. Help! Bananarama.
  15. No, that was most definitely a number two.
  16. It so should have been. Being serious too...
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  17. I loved Help! at the time when I was 9 or 10, but now it's not one of the Nanas' songs I seek out in their outstanding discography. But I do quite often say "It's in the can, Pete, it's in the can".
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  18. The Levis commercials have a lot to answer for (like Babylon Zoo getting a record deal, Nick Kamen becoming famous enough to get a record deal) but their phase of using 50s/60 classics to make a connection with classic images of young people in jeans meant "C'mon everybody" and "What a wonderful world it would be" got new leases of life.
  19. I am the opposite, I liked them bringing Nick Kamen (and his bops) to us (and didn't mind Babylon Zoo?) but was not that crazy about the jukebox classics re-charting (and setting up Jive Bunny). My Baby Just Cares For Me charting again was cool though.
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  20. A few were great 'I heard it through the grapevine' and 'What a wonderful world' especially but NO to Steve Miller Band.
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