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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. I did find it rather awkward having th Soup Dragons stand around for a link and being made to suffer Status Quo miming!

    So Soup Dragons you are a new group who had hits this year and you’re in the studio...... no please don’t perform, let’s watch some old dinosaurs!
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  2. 1990 just seemed to be the year of old songs, covers & megamixes, given it was a new decade it all just felt very old apart from several standout songs

    But as others have said totp doesn't cover everything that's in the charts or that's been released

    Maybe there should be a top of the flops for all the unloved or unpopular songs
  3. Great Singles from 1990 that didn't make the UK Top 40 - feel free to add to the list:
    Looking for Atlantis
    Music Stop
    Falling to pieces
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  4. Soundtrack to a generation - which didn't make the top 40
  5. Mmmm Gary Newby.
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  6. A very mixed bag of a year for music to say the least.
  7. Headlights on the Parade
    Can't Set Rules About Love
    A Face in the Crowd
    Waifs & Strays
    Book of Dreams
    Every Little Thing
    In The Back of my Mind
    No Blue Skies
    Texas Looking For Atlantis, and Music Stop.

    (from my Top 50 of 1990 playlist)
  8. A "Top of the Pops" has appeared in this schedule for 8pm on Saturday 29th on BBC Two. Could be Story Of 1991?

    It might be 1984 which I don't think has been repeated yet. 1983 was shown in November in a 10pm slot but has not been repeated in an 8pm slot like 1982 was a few weeks back. And 1976 is Savile-heavy, though an edited version has been shown on Yesterday before.
  9. Hopefully it will be 1991, that will go well with the new run of repeats now starting.
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  10. And I forgot – how could I?!? – both 'Hold On's … En Vogue and Wilson Phillips!
  11. Oh no, someone reckons Digiguide has it down as 1983.
  12. But surely the schedule would need to have two hours clear – for The Story Of … and Big Hits? This is such a mess and I can't believe they have made such a hash of it. Is it all because of the Prince Phillip/snooker delays?
  13. Yeah but dunno what they're thinking now. Perhaps they want to show the last few repeats before they show 1991. It's got to be coming!
  14. 'Drag My Bad Name Down' The 4 Of Us
    'No Myth' Michael Penn
    'Well Did You Evah' Debbie Harry/Iggy Pop
    'The Prisoner' F.A.B. Featuring MC Number 6
    'Type' Living Colour
    'Make It Mine' The Shamen
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  15. I can't believe everyone is naming their favourite non-top 40 hits and being all alternative by ignoring these pop bops which haven't been mentioned yet!

  16. Nick Kamen's I Promised Myself definitely deserved to return him to the UK Top 10. One of my all time favourite songs. At least he got Popjustice all over Europe with it.
  17. ...and these....

  18. I see no lies.
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  19. Further proof that the kind of pop music I like died in 1990, love all of these. Luckily it had a resurgence in 1991!
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  20. I think of Cher's 'Heart of Stone and Fleetwood Mac's 'Seven Wonders' in the sense that neither made the top 40 but are pretty big well known songs.
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