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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Looks like Paul Cook of The Sex Pistols on drums for Bananarama - I never knew he discovered the group and helped them on their first single.
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  2. Do the studio performances sound level seem super quiet compared to when they return to the host or show a video?
  3. Interesting that at this point Seal's debut album was originally going to be called 'Deep Water'. Seal just wouldn't have been Seal without all his albums being called.... 'Seal'.
  4. Seal should have called one of his albums Peter Gabriel, and vice versa.
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  5. 1991 off to a good start with those episodes

    Who knew there were so many Turtle songs though?
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  6. Nice to see Bananarama again, Preacher Man was robbed, should have been top 10 at least!
  7. Totally agree with this. A fab TOTP performance of it too with girls looking amazing
  8. Car Scratch Melt Security So Seal Us Up Scratch my back Seal New Blood...yes it could work!
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  9. Just catching up of this weeks episodes, it's funny how much your tastes change as you get older, Seal looks so fucking sexy in that first episode. I'd never really thought of him as sexy when I was younger.

    Such a shame 24 hours wasn't a bigger hit, I remember getting her album her Boomania album for my Christmas and that song was the standout for me, I still bop to it now!
  10. Even as a #straightladofpopjustice, I knew Seal was pure sex right from the start of his solo career.
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  11. Not a bad start to 1991. Apart from the number one. At the time, I thought “how on Earth?” and I still think the same now. I know it’s the post-Christmas clear-out and record sales are low but… two weeks at number one? In my head I was thinking it was just one week. And that title.
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  12. I remember me and my brother finding 'Bring Your Daughter' hilarious and incredibly random at the time, mainly for Bruce Dickinson's voice - he does have a rather splendid vocal range, with an interesting warble/vibrato at times.
  13. Don't diss the Maiden, folks.
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  14. Iron Maiden's 'Best of the Beast' compilation is the only heavy metal CD I own. I always found them a bit more tolerable, interesting, quirky and likeable than just about every other similar act.
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  15. You can see why Martha Wash had every right to be pressed around this time. The first episode had numerous songs sung by her with credit given to other acts - two Black Box songs on the Total Mix and then Gonna Make You Sweat which they actually had the gall to specifically give a featuring credit to some random model. This is why we stan Dame Katrin of Quinol and Felly is written out of history. She knew her place.

    I always thought it was a shame the only recognition anyone got out of that whole messy time was Lolleatta’s feature on that terrible Marky Mark song that was a US #1.
  16. Was it Bananarama like mine?
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  17. Um, not quite...
  18. And Geordie Boys! At least Gazza has a nice hairy body even if his face, voice and the song aren't great.

    The Black Box Megamix isn't exactly mixed mega well. It feels like it's just one hit, then change of gear to another and so on. It doesn't flow very well. Bobby Brown and Technotronic did it better.

    And then old songs like Patsy Cline's Crazy and the Dirty Dancing song made this feel a bit of a mixed episode that didn't really feel that much of a change from late 1990.

    Highlights were Betty Boo and C+C Music Factory.
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  19. That Gazza video was horrible! It was kind of bizarre as he did have a great body back then but his 'sexy' dancing was cringe. The whole thing was just an embarrassment. Fog on the Tyne was a masterpiece in comparison.
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  20. It was lovely to see Bananarama in the studio again. They all looked great. Preacher Man (and Pop Life in general) is so good. I can't believe it passed me by at the time and I didn't know it until the late 90s when I bought what must have been a reissued/revised version of their Greatest Hits album as it was on there despite coming out in in 1988.

    Pop Will Eat Itself is one of those bands I know the name of but know very little by - apart from Touched By The Hand Of Cicciolona. And I only know that because I didn't know it in a pop quiz about 10 years ago and it's haunted me ever since (despite owning it on Snap It Up:32 Hits) - the shame.

    I don't know this Offshore track. It's the kind of thing I'd have liked at the time as well as I liked my crossover clubby house hits even as a pre-teen. I assume that line about the power is the same sample of Jocelyn Brown that Snap Used on The Power.

    I remember when Madonna's Summat To Remember came out and hearing her rather good version of I Want You with Massive Attack, I thought it was a Robert Palmer cover. Lolz.

    The Iron Maiden track is something I'd have hated at the time, but it's just a pop song with guitars. I'd have thought it was noisy and music for bad boys back then.
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