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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. It is time to let it bee for now?
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  2. I say nothing.
  3. I didn't get the pun until I was today years old..
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  4. Same.
  5. You're all so naive and innocent.

    I remember chuckling to myself at getting the saucy title for Prick Up Your Ears when I was about 14!
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  6. It reminds of that "Not the Nine O' Clock News" sketch with the song "Kinda Lingers" - the naughty boy at school told me what it really meant - unfortunately it's not available on You Tube in the UK due to Copyright reasons - but feel free to look it up!
  7. I don’t remember Monsters and Angels at all or being a T20 hit, I thought I Think I Love You was the lead off single, loved them though, must dig my CDs out and relisten.
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  8. I Think I Love You charted lower but seemed to have a higher profile. More airplay? Being a cover?

    Such a brilliant album, but very short...31 minutes!
  9. Your faves could never produce such brilliance in that space of time.

    (To be fair, while I adore VOTB I also love several acts who have performed Jim Steinman could fit an entire Beehive song in the time it takes for "More" by the Sisters of Mercy to get to the first chorus).

    So glad to see VOTB on last night's show, they were really giving it their most flamboyant performance.
  10. Was it really Beverley Craven of all people who started that whole video cliché of swinging around in a circle with a camera, as if it were another person?
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  11. Lisa Stansfield?
  12. I'm exactly the same – 'Monsters And Angels' really jumped out at me and I can't understand why it didn't really register at the time … it sounds much slicker and punchier to me than their other singles and when I looked, I realised why: the producer is Alan Tarney – whose CV extends from writing and producing for Cliff Richard (including 'We Don't Talk Anymore'), through David Cassidy's mid-80s comeback, to all A-ha's big hits, St Etienne's 'He's On The Phone' and the 7" remix of Pulp's 'Disco 2000'. A shame VOTB didn't do more with him …
  13. An interesting spot! I was reading up on VOTB as I was intrigued as to why they went quiet after 1991. From this wiki page about their third album it seems that VOTB were unhappy about the perceived lack of promotion from their record label. I wonder if that ties in with none of us really remembering 'Monsters And Angels' (despite it being constantly in my head over the past few days)?
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  14. I remember Monsters and angels very well and absolutely hammered it back in the day! But I don't think they were ever going to be that big.
  15. I don't know what more London/Polydor could have done, they seemed to push the Honey Lingers era quite positively.

    The girls did radio and magazine promo, each single seemed to get some decent airplay and all 3 made the UK Top 40. As @letuinmybackdoor says, VotB were never destined to be a mega kind of act. In fact, they were borderline indie in the beginning....sort of somewhere between The Adult Net and the Bangles.
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  17. Voice of the Beehive were great.
    "Monsters and Angels" was the best thing they ever did. I'm surprised that a lot of PJ'ers don't remember it from the time. I recall a scene from Eastenders when Phil was driving around Albert Square and it was playing on his car stereo - Aug 1991! You know your song has made it when that happens!
  18. Winter In July is one of the greatest tracks of all-time. The end.
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  19. 'Borderline indie' is a good description. I can understand what you're writing, @letuinmybackdoor - there was probably a limit to how much an act like that would sell. This sounds weird, but, at the time, they came across to me as older than they were. I don't know why.
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  20. I understand this, I guess they were unlucky to arrive the same time as Kylie, Tiffany and Debbie were big and they were a few years older so probably seemed much older in comparison.
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