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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Just caught up with night's episodes. Top tunes for me were:
    Sunshine on a rain day
    Love...thy will be done
    The word is out
    20th century boy
    I wanna be adored
    Everybody's free
    I'm too sexy
    Everything I do....(10 weeks and counting)
  2. Love To Hate You and Cream are both excellent. I was only 12 but knew that Cream was pure filth - especially that line about “you’ve got the horn so why don’t you blow it” (followed by the sultry whispery “go on and blow it”). I had thought it was a bigger hit than it was. My local radio hammered those Diamonds & Pearls singles.
    Love To Hate You is peak Erasure. I live the little riff taken from I Will Survive. Chorus was a great era. It’s weird how after their 1992 greatest hits they just never had that same level of success again. I think Britpop overshadowed their 1994 and 1995 releases, and then they were just a hardcore fan base act only from then on.
  3. I thought Rozalla gave one of the best first-appearance performances ever. And the energy of Sabrina Johnston - a taste of what the live shows will bring.
  4. All five singles from Diamonds & Pearls are incredible. He really was untouchable at that point.
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  5. "Cream" is very underrated. It's in my all time top ten Prince singles - and I love the Marc Bolan inspired "You're filthy cute and you know it!" (bang a gong!)
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  6. That live in studio vocal of Peace by Sabrina Johnson, was amazing and a nice taste of what was to come to for the show just around the corner too...
  7. Interesting. I had never realised but both Erasure and Prince were at the peak of my interest here and while both first singles were fine I found them both to be the weakest singles from the respective albums.

    I could have sworn Cream was a top ten hit. It feels much bigger. As for what happen to the Diamonds & Pearls single at Christmas…..
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  8. Curse of the Greatest Hits.
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  9. Brilliant couple of episodes last night - loved the studio performances from Oceanic, Utah Saints, Bizarre Inc, Rozalla and Sabrina Johnston who did an amazing live vocal. I can't recall many performances where the audience were as into it as Rozalla's Everybody's Free (To Feel Good), that was one of the all time great TOTP debuts for me.

    Kylie looked absolutely stunning and I still love Word Is Out though if SAW had been braver and released one of the RaveKylie tracks there is a good chance it would have done much better in the 1991 charts - just imagine her performing alongside all the acts I mentioned above doing I Guess I Like It Like That, Closer or particularly Do You Dare?
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  10. Rave Kylie with Keep On Pumpin' It, I Guess I Like It Like That, Do You Dare, Closer and even the Have A Party remix of Celebration, was just fab!
  11. Love all of those. I remember when I got 50+1 and heard all those songs for the first time I was blown away!
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  12. Great little (if somewhat random!) album that.
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  13. The first 10 minutes of 50+1 are incredible. Then it goes to shit.
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  14. The Big L was a baffling choice of single for Roxette when (Do You Get) Excited? and Things Will Never Be The Same were right there.
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  15. Correct. Travesty neither of those were released. Easily my all time fave Roxette songs and neither
    were released. Baffling.
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  16. SAW always played it too safe with Kylie (we wouldn't have even got Better The Devil's visual overhaul if it was up to them). See: Enjoy Yourself singles choices, Let's Get To It singles choices....she could have been so much more than the light entertainment popstar they were tying her down to. She broke free with the RoL era, and they could have built on that with the rave stuff. But Mike hated that music with a passion.
  17. I stan the Let's Get To It album and era. Shame I can't see any acknowledgement of it for it's 30th though in just under a couple of weeks. Would love to be proven wrong though.
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  18. Credit where it's due, at least Uncle Pete could see the way music was heading at the start of the 90s with the influx of rave and Eurodance and began to license the likes of 2 Unlimited on the Black Diamond label. Mike to this day seems stuck in the past whenever he releases anything...

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  19. Oh dear oh dear....
  20. Rozalla what a legend. Up there with Martha Wash and Lolleata Hathaway.
    For me Faith is Top 10 Best Dance Classics ever.
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