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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Nicky will be back!
  2. I quite like Nicky Campbell. I quite like all of them apart from Anthea but even she has an insane charm. So I'll be losing a LOT this coming fortnight. Being Australian, I've never seen any of these episodes before apart from the odd YouTube clip here and there.
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  3. I still miss the Peter Powell/Janice Long era of the mid-80s. Though not missing Simon Bates, Steve Wright or Mike Smith at all.
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  4. If the Poppies make TOTP with RSVP we'll get to see them in the video! (I had to check if that was some sort of fever dream, but no, there is a very poor quality upload on YouTube and they were indeed in it.)
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  5. Link please because nothing comes up for me and I’m Gayle & Gillian obsessed!
  6. Urgh I don't know if this will work properly because I'm on my phone but here we go:

  7. I remember 'The Twins' being on the cover of Smash Hits and reading the song lyrics...but I never heard or saw the song once.

    I obviously love it now...
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  8. I seem to remember the Twins having a song on a covermount cassette tape, if not Smash Hits then one of the other teen mags of the time?
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  9. I know there's a liking for shit PWL pop (see also Kakko) but the twins were barely a step up from the Fat Slags or the Sheilas.
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  10. Just catching up on the last couple of episodes. I know I may be slightly biased but Kylie was soo beautiful on this episode, a real natural beauty. Also, why is The Big L not very popular round these parts? It’s a great catchy pop song. Sabrina Johnston has a great voice, she was living her best life up there!
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  11. ^No need to be biased when it comes to Kylie!
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  12. Sabrina Johnston serving Katrin Quinol beauty with Loleatta Hathaway vocals. Truly one of a kind. Blackbox should have snatched.
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  13. Eeek!!
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  14. It would be worth going to a real one if you get to experience a recreation of that motorbike accident, or you get to sit and watch a hologram of Vanessa Feltz have her CBB meltdown.
  15. Sponsorship by Cadbury flake....
  16. Pity...I was looking forward to this year's Anthea Turner Prize shortlist.
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  17. This is genius.
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  18. Clearly fake. Nobody would believe Stoke looks like that.
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  19. I have to say, SexKylie of '91 was amazing. No wonder I stanned her so hard. Also, seeing Runrig close out the 6 September episode was a blast from the plast.

    The dance acts miming like crazy....well at least Oceanic had good dancers. The KLF a few months back knew how to do it in style.

    Also is the video for Roxette's "Big L" full of oiled men in tight shorts? Whatever it takes to make Marie happy I guess.
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