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Top of the Pops BBC4 Thursday/Friday 7.30pm

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. All these songs that have now got to be sung live on TOTP. I think even Moby gets to shout "Go!" repeatedly live.
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  2. My memory is that one worked surprisingly well, simply because he brought a great deal of energy to his performance. Shame he turned out to be another one for the #metoo file.
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  3. What does this mean?
  4. Everyone but Andy Bell is struggling so far.
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  5. Mark Franklin looks like he was cloned from all three Big Fun members.
  6. I switched on and missed the intro but caught the end of Erasure. Everyone singing live so far has been pretty decent. But the white host is terrible. And he just said Belinda Carlisle was about to release her fourth album in 2 years. That's some impressive releasing by Belinda!
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  7. Never heard this Stevie Wonder song before. It's...well it just is.
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  8. Stevie Wonder driving a car full of children
  9. Quo still having big hits?!!!
  10. This Status Quo song sounds very similar to Let's Stick Together by Bryan Ferry.
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  11. I think he was either accused of (historical) inappropriate behaviour towards a woman - or something more serious?, when all of that was big in the news.
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  13. Did they just knick the tune and add different lyrics or is there more to the origin of the song.
    Were Quo even singing live. Impressive if so as it certainly didn't look or sound like it.

    Not a fan of the new super happy zero personality presenters.
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  15. There's a bit more to it. It was originally written as let's stick together (mid 60s?) and the writer later reworked it into let's work together. So he owns both versions and they've both been covered by a lot of people, including of course Bryan Ferry.
  16. Stalking a still-in-high-school Natalie Portman and claiming they were an item (she says he was just a creep). EDIT - what @InkedDoll said.

    Also his little game of "knob touch", where he'd get his cock out at parties and surreptitiously try to touch people with it.
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  17. Well that was all far less painful than remembered. TOTP that is, not Moby's game of "knob touch". The live singing was fine, the format a little disorientating but acceptable - other than the lack of charts below the top 10!
  18. I found it all a little disorientating too. The pace of the show was weird. It was as if the show didn’t have time to breathe! And then it suddenly stopped!
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